Registering as a Sponsor - Frequently Asked Questions

In order to sponsor EU and non-EU citizens to work in the UK under the Skilled Worker category, employers must be registered with the Home Office and hold a sponsor licence. 

Here are of the frequently asked questions:

How long does the UK Company need to be trading before applying for a sponsor licence?

There is no specified timeframe. Once a UK company has established a genuine trading presence in the UK, has registered with the tax authorities, set up a company bank account and obtained employers liability insurance they can apply.


Can I apply for a sponsor licence if I don’t have anyone specific in mind that I wish to sponsor/employ?

The short answer is yes. However, the Home Office can apply a subjective ‘genuineness’ test and in our experience it would normally be best to apply for a sponsor licence once you have identified the individual you wish to sponsor/employ. If advertising is required, we recommend the 28 day advertising period has at least commenced but ideally come to an end.


Will the UK company require a UK national to act as the main point of contact and take overall responsibility for the sponsor licence?

No, provided an individual is a senior employee or office holder of the UK company and is based and paid in the UK with permission to work, they can be of any nationality.


How long will the sponsor licence be valid?

Initially 4 years but can be renewed thereafter.


Will the Home Office visit our UK office?

The Home Office can visit any of your UK offices, branches or client sites at any time. These visits can be pre-arranged or unannounced. If your company has been trading for less than 18 months it is likely they will undertake a visit before they approve the licence. The Home Office considers the industry sector of a business when making a decision on whether or not to make a visit and we can provide tailored advice specific to your business.


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