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Our expert team of lawyers can help you plan for and protect all of your interests and affairs as you and your family are on the move.

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"Great breadth of experience across the board and particularly in international cases"

Chambers HNW, A Guide to the World's Leading High Net Worth Advisors

London continues to be the destination of choice for international entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and their families. We have been assisting clients with international roots since the firm’s inception in 1937 and we are very used to working with people from different cultures and backgrounds and provide a collaborative and personal service. 

Our clients often have complicated family or financial arrangements and may have married a partner of a different nationality, have chosen to work abroad, have investments or assets overseas. Some of our clients are just planning their move to the UK but many moved here several years ago and are looking to obtain British citizenship or organise their affairs to protect their and their families future.

From organising your entry or investor visa to finding a property to invest or live in;  succession, tax and estate planning; starting a new business venture or employment; dealing with a family breakdown; managing disputes and reputation; and dealing with the police and other sensitive issues - our expert team of lawyers can help you plan, protect and defend all your and your family's affairs as you are on the move. 

We work closely with other UK and internationally based professional advisors to international families, high net worth individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and their families, providing you with a full service and meeting your needs during your journey to and whilst living in the UK.


"It's a team that has a great breadth of experience across the board and particularly in international cases"

Chambers HNW, A Guide to the World's Leading High Net Worth Advisors

"Kingsley Napley leads the
immigration outfits in the UK"

Who’s Who Legal

"Rolls-Royce service and particularly good when there's a European element to the case"

Chambers HNW, A Guide to the World's Leading High Net Worth Advisors


The links below will provide further information on services we offer that may be relevant to international families.  

If you would like further information, or to speak to one of our specialist lawyers, please contact a member of our international families team.


Anglo French Specialist Family Law Service

We provide specialist bilingual family expertise to separating couples and Anglo-French families with disputes relating to finance, children or both.

Bringing Your Family to the UK

Advising families moving to the UK and those bringing children or other dependant relatives, as well as on international adoption and surrogacy.

British Expat Divorce in the UAE

Family law services for British expats living and working in Dubai and the UAE

European Citizens and Their Families

As experts in EU free movement law we help European citizens secure their right to stay in the UK, including under the EU Settlement Scheme.

Family Tax and Structuring Advice

We understand that individuals do not live in isolation and that any structure or tax advice must be appropriate for their whole family.


Our specialist team has been advising businesses and individuals on all aspects of UK immigration and nationality law for over 20 years.

International Family Law

Whether you or your partner live abroad or hold assets abroad. We can assist with immigration questions, property, succession and tax planning.

International Personal Tax, Wealth and Philanthropic Structuring

Our clients and their families are located throughout the world. We provide clear and strategic UK tax structuring and reporting advice.

Moving to the UK

Making your home in another country can be complicated. We’ll help simplify the process.

Moving to the UK - Pre-Immigration Tax Advice

As an internationally recognised law firm based in London, we are well placed to provide essential planning advice to individuals moving to the UK.

Obtaining British Citizenship and Staying Permanently

Whether you are looking to naturalise, or register as a British citizen, we can provide you with detailed advice and guidance.

Residential Real Estate

We advise high net worth individuals and celebrities on a wide range of residential property issues, including borrowing and lease extensions.

Thinking of Relocating

Our experienced lawyers can advise you on your relocation plans, ensuring that your move overseas, to the UK, or within the UK, is well planned.

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