Charlotte Bradley

Partner and Head of Department

Family and Divorce

"Highly regarded in the family law world"

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2019

"She is fantastic - she has all the attributes you want from an international family lawyer, and has warmth in abundance"

Chambers UK, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

Charlotte is head of the Family team at Kingsley Napley, where she has been a partner since 2001. Charlotte specialises in all aspects of family law, particularly international issues, both in relation to finance and children. She has a reputation for cross border jurisdiction issues, particularly European and Relocation cases, and for acting for unmarried parents in Schedule 1 (financial provision) cases. 

She is listed as a leading expert in her field in the legal directories Chambers UK, Chambers High Net Worth and Legal 500 UK and she was ranked as Top Recommended in Spear's Family Law Index 2020 and included in the Fourth Edition of The Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom for Family Law - Children, Finance. She has also been shortlisted as  Family Law Partner of the year in 2019 in both the Family Law Awards and Chambers High Net Worth Awards.

Charlotte is the contributing editor of the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Family Law 2019 and she is a member of Resolution’s International Committee (of which she was a previous chair).

"encyclopedic knowledge, particularly with issues of jurisdiction," in which she is "absolutely market-leading." 

Chambers High Net Worth 2020

"Charlotte in mediation goes above and beyond with the amount of work that she puts in, and really helps steer clients to the answer. Sometimes you can get mediators who really just sit on the fence, but Charlotte helps them find a settlement they can both live with and does an enormous amount of work for mediations."

Chambers High Net Worth 2020

"A ‘go to’ mediator for complex assets or complex people. She has an infectious commitment for mediation and this singles her out as one of the best practitioners in the City"

Legal 500 UK 2019

"Held in high esteem for her strong Anglo-French practice, as well as her expert handling of financial disputes and private children work"

Chambers UK 2019, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

‘"Brilliant technically and very human: clients just love her"

Legal 500 UK, The Clients Guide to Law Firms

What clients and directories say

""Highly regarded in the family law world." She is particularly esteemed for her expertise in multi-jurisdictional family matters, and insiders report that "there's very little that she doesn't do or know in international work.""

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2019

"Charlotte is highly experienced, with extremely good judgement. She's outstanding in terms of her nuanced approach to cases" 

Chambers UK 2019, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

"Held in high esteem for her strong Anglo-French practice, as well as her expert handling of financial disputes and private children work. She draws praise for her experience in Schedule 1 cases and cross-border disputes involving children"

Chambers UK 2019, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

"Doing incredibly well and is getting fantastic results for her clients. She deservedly has a strong reputation in this field. We are impressed by her ability to maintain her commitment to mediation whilst also running a large and busy department"

Legal 500 UK 2019

"At that level, it's a given that her technical skills are the best, but it's more the fact that she approaches things in such a way that makes her stand out: constructive but also being able to take a complex case and sort through the issues." 

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2018

"Bradley is "a really nice person, and a really good technical lawyer," says a source; "she is really good at mediations. I really rate her."

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2018

"Charlotte Bradley specialises in international matrimonial issues involving both children and finance concerns. Her expertise includes notable familiarity with ADR proceedings. Clients report that "she has shown exceptional knowledge, skill and judgement" and has "always shown genuine concern and dedication.""

Chambers UK 2018, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

"Clients report that "she has shown exceptional knowledge, skill and judgement" and has "always shown genuine concern and dedication.""

Chambers UK 2018, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

"At the top of her game in complex jurisdictional disputes"

Citywealth Leaderslist 2017 

"She is in most people's top ten for London"

Citywealth Leaders List

Universally respected" and "Absolute star with a relaxed and authoritative style.

Legal 500 UK

‘Well known for her excellent work in mediation’, bringing ‘warmth and a strategic approach to her cases and an exceptional grasp of the law, especially on European issues’. She advises City professionals and high-net-worth individuals, and has recently acted in a number of children mediations concerning contact and relocation.

Legal 500 UK 2017, The Clients Guide to Law Firms

"Worth every penny"

Legal 500 UK, The Clients Guide to Law Firms

I have always been very impressed not only by Charlotte's technical legal knowledge but also her fabulous ability to find sensible and pragmatic solutions for seemingly intractable problems. Much of Charlotte's work has an international element and she is at the top of her game in complex jurisdictional disputes. As head of the family team at Kingsley Napley, Charlotte leads her team with a measured and calm approach and she is extremely well respected by both peers and clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending her"

Citywealth Leaderslist 2017

A wonderful person with an excellent mind and exceptional client care skills"

Chambers UK, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

""fabulous," "incredibly bright" and "the most lovely, warm person ever"."

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2016

"She is very good at international work and litigation, and she has a sensible approach"

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2016

"Charlotte is ferociously bright and has exceptional client skills and the combination means that her clients have access to the best advice given in a clear and empathetic way. She is regularly involved in high profile reported cases on both financial arrangements and international child cases and heads a team of excellent associates. She is hugely respected in her field."

Citywealth Leaders List, 2016

"Charlotte is an exacting opponent and a strong collaborative colleague. Her technical skills are of the highest calibre, with particular strengths in international work. She has a highly attuned legal instinct and enormous litigation experience. But these are, in my experience, matched by near perfect skills to connect with - and fight for - her client and are backed by her abilities to bring together the strongest of legal teams."

Citywealth Leaders List, 2015

"Charlotte is an outstanding lawyer of her generation who inspires the utmost confidence in her clients and is highly respected amongst her peers. She is very bright, focussed on the best solutions for her clients and heads an excellent team of lawyers at her firm."

Citywealth Leaders List, 2015

"You helped me throughout this difficult time, and it was thanks to you and your tenacity that I will have a peace of mind in my second life"


"Charlotte Bradley has "a very impressive caseload" and is "absolutely brilliant at jurisdictional elements of work"

Chambers UK

"Highlighted for her broad-ranging family law practice, with a particular emphasis upon international issues"

Chambers UK: A client's guide to the UK legal profession

"Clever and confident"

Legal 500 UK

"I really could not have had a better legal team: you both combine impressive legal expertise with a wonderfully calm and sympathetic matter. I will certainly recommend you unreservedly to anyone in need of legal help"


"An exceptional lawyer - very strong on complicated international cases"

Chambers UK, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

"...."first class" who "always puts her clients first", and brings "intelligence, dash and brilliance to her work”

Chambers UK: A client's guide to the UK legal profession 

"...Excellent judgement"

Cityweath Leaders List

"...absolutely on top of the game; she knows the law backwards and is not intimidated by the big wigs"

Chambers UK: A client's guide to the UK legal profession 


Recent cases

  • Y v Y (Financial Remedy: Marriage Contract) [2014] EWHC 2920 (Fam) - contested financial case in High Court involving foreign marriage contract
  • S v S (Brussels II revised: Articles 19(1) and (3): reference to CJEU) [2015] EWHC 3613 (Fam) - jurisdiction divorce case – referred to the Court of Justice of the EU


Publications & press

  • International Comparative Legal Guide to: Family Law 2021 - Co -author of chapter on England and Wales,  and editor.
  • My pandemic - The Telegraph, July 2020
  • Is it possible to divorce 'well' during a lockdown? - Tatler, July 2020
  • Unmarried Couples & Schedule 1 Update - ThoughtLeaders4 HNW Divorce webinar, May 2020
  • How is COVID-19 affecting women in family law?, Women in Family Law, April 2020
  • Brexit and the race to divorce courts, The Times, January 2019
  • Going your own way, Evening Standard, January 2019
  • Waggott 'meal ticket' appeal leaves lawyers waiting for maintenance guidance, Law Society Gazette, November 2018
  • International Comparative Legal Guide to: Family Law 2019 - contributing editor and author of chapters on international marital agreements: the approach by the English court on divorce; Brexit and Family Law ; and  England & Wales
  • International Comparative Legal Guide to: Family Law 2017 [2017]
  • Resolution – International Family Law online guide contributing author [ 2016] 
  • Family Law Journal -  The lis pendens rules under Brussels IIa: has it created the certainty intended [ March 2016]
  • What are your rights? Daily Mail 31 January 2016
  • Family Law Journal  - The Treatment of European Marriage Contracts by the English Courts: all about intentions and an appreciation of implications?  March 2015
  • International Family Law – The lis pendens rules under Brussels II – certainty over flexibility?  [ July 2015] [Part 1] and October 2015 [Part 2]
  • Pre-nup tips: how to avoid killing the romance, You & Your Wedding, April 2014
  • Law change on nuptial agreements, Fyne Times, March 2014 
  • Claims under Schedule 1 to the Children Act 1989 Second Edition (co-authored), Resolution, April 2013
  • 'The Children and Families Bill could undermine gender stereotypes', article in The Law Society Gazette, March 2013
  • New Law Journal: "Testing Times" (on the "new" test for enforcing LSC cost orders), 8 July 2011
  • Family Law Journal, July 2011, "The Maintenance Conflict: Crystal Ball Gazing Versus a Meal Ticket For Life" (with Emily Moore)
  • Times Online: Prenups - but what about love, romance and the wedding? October 2010
  • International Aspects of Family Law: Chapters on Prenuptial Agreements, Financial Provision for Children and Good Practice on International Issues, Resolution May 2009
  • Claims under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 (Financial Provision for Children), Resolution March 2009
  • Costs in Schedule 1 cases, The Review July 2008
  • European Family Law Issues, International Family Law (Jordans) June 2008
  • Law Society/Resolution Handbook (Chapter on marriage), 2007
  • Bringing Harmony to divorce (Collaborative Law), The Times 21 November 2006
  • Fourth Nordic Conference on Mediation and Conflict Management, International Family Law (Jordans) September 2006
  • European Harmonisation and the EU Constititution, Family Law journal August 2005
  • Collaborative Family Law: one year one, The Review, September 2004
  • The new EU Brussels II Regulation, Review and International Family Law (Jordans) November 2003
  • A World Apart the Law on Divorce in France and England, Solicitors Journal August 2003
  • The Family Law protocol - revolution or evolution?, New Law Journal April 2002
  • 1998-2001 - Solicitors Family Law Association (now Resolution) - Financial Consent Orders and Cohabitation Agreements
  • Short Marriages and Financial Relief, Sweet and Maxwell 1997


Professional Societies and memberships


Further information

  • Resolution trained and accredited mediator
  • Trained Collaborative Family Lawyer
  • Instrumental in setting up the collaborative family law model of dispute resolution in this country
  • Included as a leading Family lawyer in the Citywealth Leaders List for the last 5 years 



"You can trust Charlotte," say peers who add that "her integrity and her honesty is something that people wouldn't question." Bradley is described as "a complete delight.""

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2019

"Superb figurehead with an excellent grasp of the law"

Legal 500 UK 2019

"Charlotte is highly experienced, with extremely good judgement. She's outstanding in terms of her nuanced approach to cases"

Chambers UK 2018, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

"She is really good at mediations. I really rate her"

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2018

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