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14 November 2017

Is it RIP for the RPI?

Earlier this year, the Office for National Statistics published a statement saying that the Retail Price Index (RPI) "is a flawed measure of inflation with serious shortcomings and we do not recommend its use.”

Angela Must

8 November 2017

Beware the complexities of overage

The recent case of Sparks v Biden, in which the court implied a term into an option agreement, is another case in a long line which highlights the difficulties with agreeing and drafting overage provisions. 

Vanessa Rhodes

27 October 2017

Separate Representation and ‘reluctant lenders’ – know how to get the result you need!

Rarely do I write a blog with such personal input or knowledge.  However, I am currently going through the exciting (and stressful) process of buying my first flat.  I had never before considered that the right to choose my own legal representation would cause an issue for our lender.  However, if you are about to embark on this journey I implore you to read on, so you know how to deal with lenders and get the result you need to ensure that this right is not swept from under your feet.

David Newnham

28 September 2017

Lights, Camera, Legal Action - Are Verbally Agreed Heads of Terms of a Filming Location Agreement Binding?

Parties in commercial property transactions tend to agree heads of terms in writing and then leave it to their lawyers to polish the wording of the lease before the tenant goes into occupation. 

Tanya Langridge

27 September 2017

Preparing for the results of the Consultation on ‘Leasehold’ Houses

At the end of July the Government announced a new consultation on the ownership structure of new build Homes in England, following the surge in recent years in new build Leasehold houses.  

David Newnham

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