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22 July 2022

Lifecycle of a tech startup series: Incentivising Employees

KNow Wear Ltd is now starting to flourish. The sample products manufactured in Burnley have tested above expectations and the company is looking to take on new staff to build out the sales and development teams. It has a difficult task now however – how does it hire the best staff, when it can’t offer the best salaries?

Matt Spencer

21 July 2022

Pandemic Entrepreneurs – Setting the Pace

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in entrepreneurship, with the Bank of England reporting that contrary to the typical cycle of company creations, which tend to rise in booms and decline in recessions, the number of new companies set up during the pandemic in fact clearly increased.

Mei Chung

11 May 2022

Lifecycle of a tech startup series: Directors' Duties

KNow Wear Limited has used the investment received to date to further develop the wearable tech product to the extent that it now has a minimum viable product with basic features to introduce to the market. The company has identified a test group of 100 consumers who will test this version of the product and provide feedback. Following the test phase the company will collate the feedback and further develop the product before releasing a final version of the product to the market.

Luke Gregory

22 April 2022

Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 – The Long-Awaited Introduction of the Register of Overseas Entities

The Government has for some time promised to introduce a register requiring overseas entities holding UK property to identify its beneficial owners, in its effort to increase transparency in UK property ownership and reduce the attraction of the UK’s property market to money launderers. Indeed, we last blogged about the potential overseas entities register in May 2019. With UK-based entities subject to strict information-sharing requirements since 2016 (in the form of the register of People with Significant Control or “PSC Register”), many have been calling for an equivalent overseas entities register to be implemented to provide a way of tracking overseas owners who ultimately own and control UK land.

Tom Beak

21 April 2022

Employment related securities – returns and reasonable excuses

In an Employment Related Securities (ERS) Bulletin for March 2022 (bulletin 40), HMRC has linked to helpful guidance on what it considers to be a reasonable excuse for failing to meet submission deadlines for annual ERS returns (due on 6th July following the end of the tax year to which they relate) and notification of EMI options (due within 92 days after grant).

Matt Spencer

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