Giving Something Back

17 May 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week: supporting trans employees in the workplace

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 13 – 19 May 2019. The theme this year is body image: how we think and feel about our bodies. For transgender people in the workplace, body image is likely to be a significant consideration, particularly for those who are actively undergoing the mentally and physically difficult process of changing their outward image from one gender to another, whilst in employment. 

Eugenie Freeman

17 May 2019

Two thirds of LGBT people still being harassed at work: IDAHO is a timely reminder of the work that still needs to be done

On this day, over 130 countries around the world draw attention to the various forms of discrimination and violence that the LGBT+ community continue to experience. It serves as a reminder each year of the work which is still needed to achieve LGBT+ equality.

Stephen Parkinson

10 May 2019

KN Green Week: Can law help save the world?

We have seen in recent months various and different attempts by those who want to change the course of government policy on the issue of climate change.

Sarah Burton

9 May 2019

KN Green Week: Confessions of a (mostly) reformed ‘Shopaholic’

For most of my life, shopaholic is a label I would have happily applied to myself. Shopping has always been a happy place for me. I have sought solace in the late night opening hours of Oxford Street’s shops after a tough day at work. I have laughed uncontrollably trying on ridiculous outfits while meandering the shops with friends on Saturday afternoons. I have felt a rush of delight at finding the perfect outfit for a friend’s wedding.

Katie Newbury

8 May 2019

KN Green Week: Plastic Packaging – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

No doubt many of you reading this will have heard about the ‘Attenborough Effect’, sparked by his two latest series, ‘Blue Planet II’ and ‘Our Planet’.  Whilst these series have changed the way many of us think about plastic and have made us see that things have to change, it is important that we understand that we, as individuals, have to be part of that change. How?

Christina Orthodoxou

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