Giving Something Back

11 March 2020

“Love comes first”: The journey to equal partnerships and marriage in the UK

On the eve of the new decade, 31 December 2019, the first mixed-sex couples officially entered into civil partnerships, granting them the same legal protections as in marriage.

Sameera Abdulrehman

9 March 2020

Maybe I am a feminist after all

Let me start with the elephant in the room.  As a middle aged white man I have had a privileged career some of which is a direct result of my gender.  For most of that time I don’t think I really appreciated that.  I qualified just before the number of women entering the solicitor’s profession exceeded the number of men.  My perception was that, in the places where I worked, men and women were treated equally. Job done.  


Iain Miller

5 March 2020

The lionesses: how female footballers are tackling equality with pride

When you cast your mind back to last summer, you may have hazy memories of enjoying an aperol spritz during the heat wave, listening to Lewis Capaldi on every radio station, or your attempts to desperately avoid buying plastic bottles and single use cups.

Emily Elliott

4 March 2020

Challenging hidden assumptions

Recent social progress in LGBT+ issues in the UK is a cause for celebration but it is not the end of the story.  Heteronormative stereotypes persist and can be harmful.  

Suzanne Farg

4 March 2020

Fathers can be flexible too! Equal sharing of family responsibilities

We all have family responsibilities, regardless of our gender.  Today’s parents typically want to be equally involved in family and parental responsibilities. 

Moira Campbell

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