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We are an internationally recognised private client team working with entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. We also work with many City professionals, particularly those that work in finance, property development and law.

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We are an internationally recognised team working with entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. We also work with many City professionals, particularly those who work in finance, property development and law.

Almost all our clients have international assets and family spread throughout the world and we help them to structure their affairs in the way that they want. Whatever the level of complexity of our clients’ assets and wishes, they all feel listened to and we provide fast and responsive advice. We quickly develop trust and ensure that we are available when you need us.

We work very closely with other teams in the firm which means our clients have access to the best immigration lawyers in the country as well as advice on family law, real estate, corporate, commercial and employment issues, dispute resolution, criminal litigation and reputational management issues. All this is managed through your one main point of contact.

Our clients tell us that they feel respected and listened to, and are often surprised at the ease of the process.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’ve been putting it off for years but I am glad I have got on with it.”  


We will work alongside your existing professional advisors including your accountant, financial advisor and private banker to ensure your receive co-ordinated and strategic advice.

In addition to our wealth and succession planning expertise, we also frequently act as a professional deputy, trustee or attorney and regularly advise family members when they take on these roles.

Our Court of Protection specialists advise individuals and their families who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves, whether as a results of illness, personal injury, medical negligence or old age.  We understand that organising the legal aspects of your personal life, such as wealth management, succession planning or capacity issues, can be daunting. Our experienced and pragmatic team will support you though every step of the process. 

Online Wills service

We offer an online Wills service, allowing you to easily capture your main details and requirements via a secure online questionnaire. Once prepared, you will be able to access your Will from wherever you are in the world and request amendments to it as your circumstances change. 

There is no added cost for this service and the personal attention and quality advice you receive from one of our private client lawyers remains unchanged.

Online Wills Service

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