Peter Black is a consultant in the Family and Divorce department. Peter is well known for providing a fresh, creative approach to his clients’ cases and has over 43 years of experience of successful practice. He regularly acts in ‘big money’ matrimonial cases and has been instructed in ground breaking property cases. He is able to think out of the box and come up with strategic positions for his clients.


Acting for a Defendant accused of conspiracy to breach freezing injunctions in order to evade judgment debts totalling over $4.6bn. Issues including privilege against self incrimination in relation to asset disclosure, the elements of a claim for unlawful means conspiracy and jurisdictional challenges based on the Lugano Convention: JSC BTA Bank v Ablyazov & Anr [2016] EWHC 230 (Comm)

Welford & Ors -v- EDF Energy Networks (LPN) Ltd [2007] EWCA Civ 293: Leading case on right to loss of profits in compensation claim relating to presence of electricity cables under land.

Hyde and Southbank Housing Association -v- Kain (1989) 133 SOLJO 1578: A case which established that a judge is entitled to re-write his judgement up until the date the order is drawn.

Overland Shoes Ltd -v- Schenkers Ltd (1998) 1 Lloyd’s Rep 498: Leading case relating the Unfair Contract Terms Act.

R -v- Barnet London Borough Council ex P Grumbridge [1992] 24 HLR 433: Housing authority can evict a trespasser without enquiry.

R -v- Bloomsbury and Marylebone County Court, Ex P Blackburn [1985] 14HLR 56: A consent order to evict the tenant was determined to be invalid in a Rent Act case.

Symons -v- Symons [1993] 1FLR 317: Successfully applied for a Judgment Summons in order to enforce payment of a husband’s undertakings in a Consent Order.

Unique Pub Property Company Ltd -v- Beer Barrels & Minerals (Wales) Ltd [2005] 1 All ER (Comm) 181: Injunction in respect of sales by wholesalers to a tied pub estate. Successful appeal to the Court of Appeal on behalf of the wholesaler lifting the injunction preventing them from selling beer to tied public houses. Leading case on the tort of inducing a breach of contract.

Wattleworth -v- Goodwood, FIA and RAC [2004] EWHC 140: Complex personal injury claim against the owners of a racetrack; the governing body of international motor sport and the RAC. A substantial claim arising out of a fatal accident, involving claims against both the owners of the racetrack and the sports regulators who had declared the track was safe.

WEA Records -v- Channel 4 Limited 1983 1WLR 721: A lead authority with regard to disclosure of evidence and Anton Pillar orders (now termed Search orders). It determined that the evidence on which the Search Order had been granted to the claimant had to be disclosed to the respondent.

Whiston -v- Whiston [1995] 2FLR 268: No financial provision for a bigamous wife.


Well-known for providing a ‘fresh, creative approach’ to his cases, Peter’s clients describe him as ‘someone who can turn “awful” into “pleasant” and ‘the man you want – and need – watching your back'”.

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