Responding to a Data Leak

Our Specialist Data Leak Response Team are able to advise on mitigating any potential consequences for you or your business

Pandora Papers: Five Questions For Those Affected

Data leaks such as Pandora Papers have potentially serious consequences for those named – both subjects of the leak and those closely connected to the subject. When an individual or business is affected, it’s essential that they quickly understand their rights and obligations and prepare to manage any consequences which may follow.

The top five questions those affected should ask are:

  1. Reputation: how will my reputation be affected in the short and long term? What actions can I take, if needed, to set the record straight or mitigate any damage?

  2. Data: how has the leak affected my data protection rights and any obligations I may have to associates, whether employees or clients? What actions can I take to reduce risk to them?

  3. Contracts: how might my contractual obligations be affected by private information made public? What can I do to head off any potential disputes that may result?

  4. Tax: how will authorities such as HMRC respond, will an investigation result? What can I do to proactively satisfy any inquiries before matters escalate?

  5. Inquiries: how will the government and regulators respond to any perceived wider implications of the leak? What preparations should I make to manage these discussions?

Please contact any member of the Kingsley Napley Data Leak Response Team to discuss these questions.

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