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17 November 2017

Fraud in your business: Would you know what to do?

It's Fraud Awareness Week. How much do you know about protecting your business from fraud? Hannah Fitzwilliam writes.

26 October 2017

No place at the table for an honest cheat

In a landmark Supreme Court decision, international poker star Phil Ivey has lost his final attempt to salvage £7.8 million in baccarat winnings. All five Supreme Court judges that sat to hear Ivey v Genting Casinos were in agreement that Ivey’s technique of 'edge sorting' constituted cheating and found that the casino had no liability to pay him.

Ryan Mowat

20 October 2017

Homemade wills and deathbed gifts – are they easier to challenge?

Homemade wills are, generally, easier to challenge. There are a number of things which a court will be looking for when it considers whether a testator was capable of making a will. Firstly, the person must have the requisite mental capacity to make a will. They must also know and approve the contents of that will.  

Laura Phillips

19 October 2017

SAAMCO reinforced: Clients may bear the weight of their own commercial misjudgements

The SAAMCO principle, derived from the case of South Australia Asset Management Corp v York Montague Ltd  [1997], established that for loss to be attributable to  a professional’s breach of duty  (and therefore recoverable), the loss must come within the scope of the duty of care owed.  The principle affirms that a professional will not be liable for all or part of a loss that arises from risks which are not within his duty to protect the client against. 

Jemma Brimblecombe

5 October 2017

Fiona Simpson examines the merits of the Shorter Trials Scheme

In September 2015 the Shorter Trials Scheme (STS) was introduced to run as a pilot from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2018 for cases in certain sections of the English High Court – the Commercial Court, the Technology and Construction Court, the Chancery Division and the Mercantile Court.

Fiona Simpson

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