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4 May 2022

Civil Fraud Quarterly Round-Up: Q1 2022

Case updates quarterly round-up (1st quarter 2022)

Mary Young

26 April 2022

The English Court: A Fraudster’s Crypto-nite

The English High Court, in Mr Dollar Bill Limited v Persons Unknown and Others [2021] EWHC 2718 (Ch), has once again come to the rescue for victims of fraud – this time armed with a Norwich Pharmacal Order to be served outside the jurisdiction.

Francesca Parker

21 April 2022

The top 3 types of fraud and what victims can do

I have been compiling quarterly round ups of fraud-related cases since 2016. One of the insights this gives me is an idea of trends in the types of fraud that end up before the Courts of England and Wales. In addition to this, my business is often contacted by victims of fraud seeking redress, which provides a closer understanding of what fraudsters are up to and the impact of those actions.

Mary Young

30 March 2022

Funerals and feuding families – What happens if there is a dispute over arrangements for a loved one’s body?

The death of a loved one is an incredibly sad and difficult time for any family, and in the vast majority of cases those closest to the deceased are able to arrange an appropriate “send-off” which gives everyone the opportunity to pay their respects and say goodbye. Unfortunately however, there may be situations where the relevant parties cannot agree on the funeral arrangements, or what should happen to the deceased’s body. This blog considers who is legally responsible for deciding what happens to the body and how the Court has approached disputes in recent cases.

Liam Hurren

23 February 2022

Privacy vs Transparency – The media are coming to a family court near you!

As family lawyers we help clients through challenging times when they may struggle to manage the overwhelming emotional impact of divorce. Until recently, they could be entitled to assume that any court proceedings would be heard in private and it would be highly unlikely for them to be reported in the media or for any documents to be available for any third party to inspect.

Will MacFarlane

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