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19 February 2020

Same Sex Relationships and Probate Disputes

In 2011, research commissioned by the well-known charity Stonewall concluded that people over 55 who were in a same sex relationship were less likely to see biological family members on a regular basis.  Over half of the people surveyed felt that their sexual orientation had, or would have, a negative effect on getting older and would make life more complicated.

Laura Phillips

11 February 2020

What is the correct forum for a multi-jurisdictional probate dispute?

The recent decision in Rehman v Hamid [2019] EWHC 3692 (Ch) provides a useful reminder of the principles to be applied when determining the correct forum for a dispute arising in relation to a multi-jurisdictional estate.

Katherine Pymont

7 February 2020

‘Courier’ Fraud Crackdown – Beware of fraudsters keeping it simple

February 2020 - Police say they have arrested more than 40 people in a crackdown on courier fraud involving over 3,000 victims. Police have reported that there has been a recent significant increase in these cases with total losses reported to the police of over £12 million. There are reports of individuals losing significant sums of money to these scams, such as a couple losing nearly £1million of their life savings and pensions and one victim losing £400,000.

Katie Allard

6 February 2020

What is required to prove contempt of court?

Applications in the civil courts for contempt of court are becoming more regular and we have previously written blogs on this topic : It's only a court order, who cares? - Contempt of Court & Contempt of court: the prospect of prison, even before proceedings are issued.

Fiona Simpson

3 February 2020

Banks to tackle fraud by introducing extra checks on transfers

From 31 March 2020, the UK’s six largest banking groups will start checking whether the name entered on a bank transfer matches the names of the recipient bank account. It is hoped the move will combat transfer scams and errors and make it less likely customers’ money ends up in the wrong hands.

Christopher Boughton

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