Claims against banks

21 November 2019

De-banking: what's the appeal?

Permission to appeal has been granted in the case of N v Royal Bank of Scotland PLC (2019). Katie explains how this may offer hope to those whose banking facilities had been frozen or terminated because of suspicions held by the bank that the accounts were being used for fraud and money laundering.

Katie Allard

18 April 2018

Last roll of the dice for PAG’s mis-selling test case against RBS

The long awaited Court of Appeal judgment was handed down in the test case of PAG v RBS in early March. We have previously commented on this extensive litigation and a link to our detailed blog following the High Court judgment can be found here.

6 July 2017

PAG appeal landmark mis-selling case and RBS ordered to disclose its policy on the hidden cost of Swaps

Shortly before Christmas, the High Court handed down a comprehensive 187 page judgment in Property Alliance Group Ltd v The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC.  The court found in favour of RBS on all three claims brought by Property Alliance Group Ltd (PAG). 

Richard Foss

16 November 2015

Freezing orders: when loans become assets

On 21 October 2015, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in JSC BTA Bank v Mukhtar Ablyazov and Others [2015] UKSC 64. The judgment adds to the ever expanding  volume of case law generated by this long running litigation, in this instance giving clarity to when loans become assets within the meaning of a freezing order.

Katherine Pymont

22 June 2015

The credit crunch revisited: developments in the international courts

In the aftermath of the credit crunch, many commentators speculated as to whether any banks or credit agencies could be held responsible for the nosedive in the economy.  Some sought to argue that traders who sold mortgaged-backed securities, a type of collateralised debt obligation, to investors could be held liable in civil law through the tort of deceit or fraudulent misrepresentation, and, in turn, the banks could be held vicariously liable.   

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