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28 July 2021

Defending a relocation application – what to consider?

Hearing the news that the other parent wishes to move away with your child permanently, perhaps many miles away from you, is likely to be met with a range of emotions. Some parents may instinctively feel that the other parent has the power to just “up and leave” with their child without your consent, particularly if the child lives with that parent for the majority of the time. In most circumstances, this is unlikely to be the case.

Alexandra Bishop

11 June 2021

On the rebound: How to clawback from a divorce

Mary Young explores how divorce settlements between spouses may be caught later down the line in bankruptcy proceedings as potential TUVs where there are dishonest motives.

Mary Young

11 June 2021

Convergent Divergence: When bankruptcy and the family courts collide

What often happens when the insolvency courts and family courts collide; the potential effect a bankruptcy order of one spouse can have on a financial order made in favour of the non-bankrupt spouse and the different tests of each court.

Stacey Nevin

5 May 2021

The treatment of Personal Injury damages in divorce proceedings; the risks, and the measures that every practitioner should consider

Marriage can be difficult at the best of times; life changing injuries and the stress of an accident or clinical error can certainly increase the chances of marital breakdown.

Sital Fontenelle

14 April 2021

Breakdown of Trust

Partner, Sital Fontenelle and senior associate, Stacey Nevin from our family and divorce team, explore the status of trusts during the divorce process in England and Wales.

Sital Fontenelle

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