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21 May 2019

Preserving family wealth with a prenuptial agreement: how best to protect farming assets on a divorce

Recent years have seen pre-nuptial agreements move from the world of the super-rich to being a tool many now consider in advance of marriage. Abby Buckland, senior associate in the family and divorce team, sets out how they are viewed by the courts and how to correctly set up such an agreement.

Abby Buckland

8 May 2019

Coming soon: the Domestic Abuse Bill

On 21 January 2019, the draft Domestic Abuse Bill (“the Bill”) was published by the Government. The stated aim of the Bill is to protect and support victims and their families, pursue and deter offenders and improve the performance of local agencies and services in instances of domestic abuse.  It is of relevance to both criminal and family law practitioners.

David Sleight

12 April 2019

Courts must not rip up precedent on pre-nups

In this blog by Jane Keir, which was first published in The Times, she writes about a recent decision not to implement an agreement, which has unsettled lawyers’ faith in the system.

Jane Keir

5 April 2019

‘It takes a lot to persuade a judge to send someone to jail’ – an expert opinion on the Al Zawawi divorce

Talal Al Zawawi’s jail sentence is a rare example of the Family Division resorting to its punitive function and a private settlement of these very public differences is what is called for.

Jane Keir

21 March 2019

Pensions, divorce and the impact of Brexit

As if there wasn’t enough to think about in advance of ‘Brexit day’, spouses with English pensions who are divorcing or have recently divorced abroad must take a moment to consider the potential impact of the UK’s exit from the EU on their ability to share such pensions.  

Sarah Dodds

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