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10 September 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day

To mark Suicide Prevention Day and raise awareness of the prevalence of deaths by suicide in the UK, Kingsley Napley is set to host a mental health panel discussion on 10 September 2021.

Emily Harman

17 August 2021

Does the law on predatory marriage need to change?

In recent years there have been calls for a change in the law to protect vulnerable adults from falling victim to what has become known as “predatory marriage”. This is due to a rise in cases where fraudsters have married vulnerable and often elderly individuals, without the knowledge of their loved ones.

Jemma Garside

17 August 2021

Separation and divorce: when attack isn’t the best form of defence

For many individuals starting divorce or Children Act proceedings, it is no doubt, at times, an intimidating experience.  Clients are thrown into a world of legal jargon, where the court has wide powers to impose a decision on them that can have far reaching consequences on their life.  Given this it is not surprising that some clients enter fight or flight mode.  

Stacey Nevin

28 July 2021

Defending a relocation application – what to consider?

Hearing the news that the other parent wishes to move away with your child permanently, perhaps many miles away from you, is likely to be met with a range of emotions. Some parents may instinctively feel that the other parent has the power to just “up and leave” with their child without your consent, particularly if the child lives with that parent for the majority of the time. In most circumstances, this is unlikely to be the case.

Alexandra Bishop

11 June 2021

On the rebound: How to clawback from a divorce

Mary Young explores how divorce settlements between spouses may be caught later down the line in bankruptcy proceedings as potential TUVs where there are dishonest motives.

Mary Young

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