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22 September 2017

Adultery, blame and divorce - the end is nigh?

Sometimes, it just seems like everyone is doing it.  This weekend, Ulrika Jonsson expressed her regrets for cheating on her first husband; the ex-husband of Strictly’s judge Shirley Ballas accused Shirley of “cheating on him with at least 10 men during a stormy marriage”; and comedian Kevin Hart apologised to his family for putting himself “in a bad environment where only bad things happen and they did” in circumstances where someone was trying to make “financial gain” from his actions.  To top it, all a new divorce form was introduced by the English Government in the summer with a dedicated section for the details of “the person your partner committed adultery with”.  

Michael Rowlands

21 September 2017

Divorce and coercive & controlling behaviour - Harassment’s big brother?

This summer, The Telegraph reported the disciplinary action taken against PC Wayne Hodge and found that “he was behaving in a controlling and coercive manner”. Apparently, he banned girlfriends from talking to men, wearing red nail polish or accepting Tesco deliveries if he was not at home.

Michael Rowlands

13 September 2017

Contrats prénuptiaux franco-britanniques – les mythes de la protection outre-Manche et le contrat prénuptial global

Des couples français et de nationalités différentes me consultent régulièrement pour me demander quels sont les contrats de protection qui peuvent être établis avant le mariage.  Ils sont souvent surpris d’apprendre qu’il n’est pas possible de rédiger un contrat prénuptial qui sera exécutoire dans le monde entier, où que le couple s’installe à l’avenir. 

Claire Wood

12 September 2017

Donald Trump divorce – real or fake news when valuing a family business on divorce?

In this blog, Michael Rowlands looks at how valuations of family businesses are considered in divorce proceedings.

Michael Rowlands

25 August 2017

Posthumous marriages and the importance of making a will

The recent posthumous marriage between Xavier Jugelé and Etienne Cardiles has caught the attention of many. Jugelé was killed in a terror attack in April earlier this year. He was shot whilst on duty as a police officer on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. He had been among the first responders to the attack on the Bataclan theatre in Paris in November 2015. A month after his death Jugelé’s partner, Etienne Cardiles, married him posthumously. 

Katie Allard

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