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12 November 2019

The great depositions debate

Last week, Jane Keir attended the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) National 2019 Annual Meeting in Chicago, where she spoke on “Discovery beyond our borders: gathering information in international cases” alongside Sarah M Boulby, Boulby Weinberg LLP from Toronto; Rachael Kelsey, SKO Family Law Specialists, from Edinburgh; Mia Reich-Sjogren from Gothenburg; and Alfonso Sepulveda from Mexico City. In the short time available, they touched upon a whole raft of procedural similarities and differences and ways of trying cases.. It is safe to say that top of the list of differences between England and Wales on the one hand, and the US on the other is the use, or not, of depositions. 

Jane Keir

7 November 2019

Using arbitration to settle family disputes – less Hollywood, more privacy

Paul Hollywood is a highly public judge on one of Television’s most popular shows, with over 6 million viewers watching him and his taste buds push Great British Bake Off contestants to tears, frustration and occasional joy but when it comes to his divorce, he and his wife of over 20 years have chosen for their financial arrangements to be adjudicated in private.

Abby Buckland

5 November 2019

Why “where” matters – jurisdiction considerations for international divorces

The question of whether to seek a divorce is one over which many people agonise. However, for divorcing couples with international connections, the associated questions of when and in which country to get divorced are also extremely important considerations, and ones which can have serious repercussions for the outcome.

Cate Maguire

1 November 2019

National Fertility Awareness Week – facing fertility issues and the strains it can place on relationships

This week is National Fertility Awareness Week. Culminating with World Fertility Day on 2 November 2019, Fertility Network UK’s focus throughout the week includes: the impact of infertility on your mental health; infertility in the workplace; men and infertility; and fertility education. A huge number of important issues are raised, and stories shared, which helps us to see that infertility touches the lives of many people in many ways. In this blog, Connie Atkinson shares her personal experience of dealing with fertility issues and how she as a family and divorce lawyer witness the strain it can place on relationships.

Connie Atkinson

29 October 2019

The Indian “joint family” and the challenges of protecting family wealth on divorce

The “joint family” is a concept which most Indians will be familiar with, even those growing up in a less traditional family set up in England. In India, it is seen as the most desirable set up for families as a way to retain wealth and working together.  However, the concept of ‘sharing as needed’ can place the family wealth under significant risk of attack upon divorce and create unnecessary (and often costly) complexity and financial uncertainty at an already difficult time.


Sital Fontenelle

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