Mediation & Alternatives to Litigation

21 January 2022

How can mediation help couples discuss prenuptial agreements?

Tim Whitney and Connie Atkinson are both mediators and members of a Family Law Agreements Group in which they share ideas and expertise in respect of pre and postnuptial and other family agreements. In this blog Tim and Connie explore the use of mediation for couples entering into a prenuptial agreement.

Connie Atkinson

21 January 2022

Family Mediation Week – The Future is Bright

As Family Mediation Week draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on how far we’ve come over the past year.  And I’ve decided to be optimistic.

Lauren Evans

21 January 2022

Mediation, celebrity culture and avoiding the spotlight

As Mediation Week draws to an end, it is worth remembering in this celebrity culture, that another big draw to mediation, particularly for those high profile individuals who want to keep their family matters away from the prying eyes of the media, is that mediation takes place in private, and, if matters can be agreed, never needs to go before a judge sitting in court.

Charlotte Bradley

20 January 2022

Co-mediation – when two heads are better than one

The traditional family mediation model sees clients agree on the identity of one qualified mediator, and meet with that person together. One of the big advantages of mediation compared to a court approach is the flexibility that can be offered to clients, with a number of mediation models and styles from which to choose. With the agreement of the couple and their mediator, a mediation can be tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and to help them explore different issues with the right level of support. 

Stacey Nevin

21 January 2021

Family mediation in a pandemic – the challenges and opportunities for separating couples

The past year has caused each of us to reflect on what is most important in our lives. Family. Friends. Freedom. It has also made us look forward, to life post-pandemic; and this, along with the pressures of lockdown, home-schooling, and everything else 2020 had to chuck at us, has understandably resulted in lots of couples deciding to go their separate ways. 

Lauren Evans

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