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6 August 2018

Capacity on the cobbles, Coronation Street’s inheritance dispute storyline

Can depression invalidate a will? Anna Metadjer blogs about the importance of challenging a will at the outset and to obtain specialist legal advise.

Anna Metadjer

31 July 2018

Life sustaining treatment: the importance of a Lasting Power of Attorney

On 29th July 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that families and doctors can agree to end the life sustaining care of patients in a persistent vegetative state without Court permission.

Stephanie Mooney

30 July 2018

Personal possessions and death

For most ordinary folk (me included) the cash value of their personal belongings ('chattels') is modest and will form but a tiny part of the overall value of an estate on death. But the sentimental value of specific items to individual family members, and the legal fees they might be prepared to spend haggling over who gets what, can be massive and wholly disproportionate.

Jim Sawer

16 July 2018

Holiday home/Retirement planning: will Brexit wreck it?

As the summer holiday season approaches, those of you lucky enough to have property abroad may be preparing to decamp to your rural idylls in Tuscany, Provence or Southern Spain. Football fans aside I’m also told Croatia is an increasingly popular holiday home destination?

Joseph Austin TEP

9 July 2018

Will my children steal my money when I'm old?

Financial abuse of the elderly is a shame on our nation. That the abuser is often the elderly person’s own offspring, acting under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), is disturbing. And let’s not mince words; we’re talking about children stealing their parents’ money.

Jim Sawer

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