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24 March 2020

Coronavirus and the perils of signing your Will

The news is dominated at the moment with the dreaded C word – COVID-19.  Our TV screens, phones and newspapers are filled with the death count, panic buying and now “lockdown”.  For many, being isolated or maintaining social distancing means that you may well be thinking about your future.

James Ward

19 March 2020

Wills and estate planning - the right time is right now

In the current crisis, we find ourselves with time (perhaps too much time…) for worry and reflection over an uncertain future. That reflection could usefully and responsibly be channelled, in part, to issues of Wills, tax planning and general succession.

James Ward

2 March 2020

Capacity and undue influence: protecting individuals who lack capacity to make their own decisions

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is designed to protect and empower individuals who may lack the capacity to make their own decisions, whether those decisions relate to their legal affairs, care or something else.  


Anita Gill

26 February 2020

If my mother moves into a care home, does she have to sell her house to fund her care if I’ve lived with her my whole life?

The question of how care for a parent is funded can be a pressing one that has the potential to cause stress and concern. 

Anita Gill

26 February 2020

Equal civil partnerships finally allow equal access to tax and inheritance perks

Legal recognition of relationships has dramatically changed in the UK and across most western countries. With an urge for equality and to recognise same-sex relationships, the government first introduced civil partnerships for same-sex couples in 2005 and subsequently same sex-couples could legally marry from 2014.

Sameena Munir

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