Employment contracts, policies and procedures

We help employers to ensure they have the right contractual provisions, policies and procedures in place to achieve their commercial goals and protect their business interests. Properly drafted employment contracts and staff handbooks are important from an HR and risk management perspective. We don’t just hand over generic precedent documents; we provide tailored documents, prepared with our clients’ business and commercial needs firmly in mind. We guide our clients through the process of negotiating new contracts, varying existing contracts, and rolling out suitable policies and procedures.

We also regularly assist senior executives that are offered new contracts, helping them to negotiate the key terms, especially in areas such as non-competes and restrictive covenants, bonus and incentive provisions, and termination clauses. When working with senior executives, we are committed to achieving the best possible terms to protect them for every eventuality, and we know the utmost importance of remaining on their side throughout the process.

You may not think you need advice on the documentation for a key new hire, and that standard precedent documentation will be fine, but our experience shows that very often, with proper advice at the outset, either a subsequent dispute could have been avoided altogether, or the financial exposure minimised. Equally, senior executives who fail to take advice on new contracts very often wish they had when problems arise, whether on the award of bonuses, on planning to move job, or on termination by the employer.

With our expert assistance, we can ensure your interests are protected and minimise the risk of disputes.  

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