Flexible working and family friendly rights at work

We advise employers and senior executives in relation to the whole range of family friendly rights at work, including shared parental leave, maternity leave, parental leave, adoption leave, emergency time off for dependents, and employment rights in surrogacy cases.

We work with employers to help them retain talented staff who wish to balance and integrate their working and family lives. We help senior executives to demonstrate their continued commitment to their employer and show how career progression can be compatible with family commitments and/or flexible working.

We help employers and senior executives to achieve outcomes which respect and balance family commitments with business needs. We think outside the box to enable innovative compromises and workable solutions to be reached which are win/win for both parties.

Where a mutually satisfactory compromise cannot be reached, we help employers to protect their business interests and justify their decisions objectively in a non-discriminatory manner. Where necessary we help employers to defend robustly discrimination claims in relation to family friendly issues such as return from maternity leave and flexible working requests. Such claims need to be carefully handled because of their potential  adversely to affect staff morale and the professional reputation of the business and senior management, as well as the risk of unlimited compensation awards. We help senior executives to bring family-related discrimination claims and obtain compensation or be re-instated or re-engaged where their careers have been damaged unfairly as a result of having a family.

We understand that emotions run high when dealing with issues which cross over between family commitments and work responsibilities. As we act for both employers and senior employees, we are adept at negotiating and finding innovative workable solutions and compromise positions which mutually satisfy both parties’ interests.

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