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1 April 2020

Urgent Home Office guidance required for furloughed Tier 2 sponsored workers

As employers grapple with the new furlough leave guidance from Government and what it means for their business and workforce, we are seeing numerous questions regarding employees with a visa, particularly Tier 2 sponsored workers. 

Andreas White

10 March 2020

Falling between the cracks – is it time to legislate for dual discrimination?

As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the Equality Act 2010 (EA), there can be no doubt that its implementation has transformed the landscape for employment rights. It brought together over 100 pieces of legislation, creating a comprehensive legal framework with a single, clear ethos. Nowadays, discrimination claims rank among the most common employment tribunal claims, alongside more “standard” claims such as unfair dismissal.

Catherine Bourne

9 March 2020

What can employers do to combat the recent surge in disability discrimination claims?

A recent article in the Financial Times made reference to a “surge” in disability discrimination claims. In the 12 month period to April 2019 it referred to a 26% increase in such claims. One of the reasons for this it said was a reported willingness to lodge claims related to mental health issues. Whilst it is not clear how much of the increase in disability claims relates to an increased willingness to lodge claims related to mental health issues, it is likely to be a factor in this.

Andy Norris

6 March 2020

Are there bullies in your office? And where do you stand?

The Home Office is currently in the media spotlight over bullying allegations but no employer can afford to ignore the problem of workplace bullying these days. A recent CIPD report revealed that some 15% of workers claim to have experienced workplace bullying in the last 3 years. More worryingly some 24% of employees polled believed that issues such as bullying are swept under the carpet at work.

Bina Patel

4 March 2020

Fathers can be flexible too! Equal sharing of family responsibilities

We all have family responsibilities, regardless of our gender.  Today’s parents typically want to be equally involved in family and parental responsibilities. 

Moira Campbell

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