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21 September 2017

Employment tribunal fees - what took them so long?

Richard Fox examines the practical and political issues arising from the Supreme Court’s momentous decision that charging claimants to bring an employment tribunal complaint is unlawful.

Richard Fox

15 September 2017

Hardened practitioners miss a trick by not attending ET users meetings

It has long been a mystery to me as to why so few practitioners choose to attend ET users meetings. Particularly senior ones. The Employment Lawyers Association has tried hard to engender more enthusiasm for these, and for a time it worked. But it seems enthusiasm has waned somewhat in recent times. 

Richard Fox

6 September 2017

Data Protection – can employers still monitor employees’ communications in light of Barbulescu v Romania?

Can employers still monitor employees’ communications in light of Barbulescu v Romania? Don’t panic, they can. But, the decision in Barbulescu v Romania from the appeal chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) shows that, in future, they must apply their mind in a much more rigorous way to how they go about it.

James Murray

29 August 2017

Restrictions, garden leave and objecting to a TUPE transfer on a share sale and inducing a breach

ICAP Management Services Limited v (1) Berry and (2) BGC Services (Holdings) LLP

Adrian Crawford

25 August 2017

Successful appeal in non-compete restrictive covenant case emphasises the importance of well drafted post termination restrictions

In the case of Egon Zehnder v Tillman the Court of Appeal held that a non-compete restrictive covenant in the employment contract of a senior executive was unenforceable, overturning an earlier High Court decision. It should serve as a warning to employers to take real care over the drafting of restrictive covenants, whilst it is likely to have important implications in future cases concerning the enforcement of post termination restrictions. 

Andreas White

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