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21 November 2017

An introduction to Data Protection Officers under the GDPR: Should you appoint one?

There is currently no legal requirement for companies to appoint a dedicated officer responsible for data protection; the Information Commissioner’s Office merely encourages this as good practice.  However, this will change when the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into force in May 2018 and introduces a requirement for certain organisations to appoint a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”).

Kirsty Churm

16 November 2017

No, we don’t need new UK workplace sexual harassment laws

Kingsley Napley employment partner Juliet Carp explains why not. When something goes wrong there is often a clamour for new law. Sometimes that will help, but that does rather depend on what the problem is. The recent outcry over revelations of sexual harassment has largely come about because people chose to do things they should not have done, not because the law failed to tell them they were wrong to do them.  There is some confusion over ‘harassment’ terminology but, at root, our current workplace equality laws are good laws. The problem rests with people’s behaviour and the problem needs be addressed by people.

Juliet Carp

15 November 2017

Keeping an eye on the ‘ex’: the EU Gothenburg Summit and the future of UK employment law

This Friday, 17 November 2017, the European Commission, EU heads of government and other voices on social policy will gather in Gothenburg at a summit on EU social policy, with a focus on “fair jobs and growth”. Why should we be interested in this? Brexit means Brexit. The UK is not part of the EU’s future. We are leaving. Checking up on the other EU states (commonly referred to as the ‘EU-27’) seems pointless. Shouldn’t we just leave the EU-27 to rebuild their future without our attention? Everyone has to move on once the tears have been shed. Isn’t that so?

Adam Lambert

9 November 2017

Thriving at work – better mental health support for individuals in the workplace

Having been commissioned by the Prime Minister earlier this year to lead an independent review into mental health in the workplace, Lord Dennis Stevenson (a mental health campaigner) and Paul Farmer CBE (Chief Executive Officer of Mind and Chair of the NHS Mental Health Taskforce) published their report, Thriving at Work, last month.

Francesca Lopez

8 November 2017

Sexual Harassment: Guidance for employers

What steps should employers take to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace? And how should employers deal with any complaints that have been made?

Matthew Perry

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