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19 October 2020

Gender Pay Gap reporting – where are we now and what about ethnicity pay gap reporting?

King’s College London’s Global Institute for Women’s Leadership published a report on 14 October, ‘Gender pay gap reporting: a comparative analysis’, examining gender pay gap reporting legislation across ten countries around the world. The report found that the UK is ‘unique in its light-touch approach’ to requesting information from employers concerning what action they will take to address any gender pay gaps within their organisations. The two key areas where the UK appears to be out of step with other countries is the high minimum employee threshold for reporting and that there is no requirement to report on policies or action plans.  But what about ethnicity pay gap reporting, is it equally promoted ?

Nikola Southern

13 October 2020

Fitness and propriety investigations: practical considerations

How should regulated firms respond when issues come to light which call into question the fitness and propriety of a member of staff? In the second part of their series of fitness and propriety blogs, Jill Lorimer and Nick Ralph consider best practice. You can read the first part of the series by clicking here.

Nick Ralph

8 October 2020

The end of the resident labour market test: good news for employers?

The resident labour market test will be abolished when the UK’s new immigration system starts on 1 January 2021.

For employers who rely on skilled foreign workers, this will mean greater freedom to employ who you want from anywhere in the world, but the visa costs will be high and the automatic rejection of any applicants who need a visa simply because of the cost could result in discrimination claims. 

This blog and our last blog on the right to work check grace period are part of our series on immigration and employment issues in the new UK immigration system.

Kim Vowden

7 October 2020

FCA issues new guidance on fitness and propriety assessments in the financial services sector

The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) has recently provided information to their regulated firms as to good and bad practice relating to, amongst other things, the carrying out of fitness and propriety (“F&P”) assessments.

Nick Ralph

6 October 2020

Developing inclusive cultures and fostering diverse workplaces

Recent events and Black Lives Matter protests have prompted companies to look closely at their own record on ethnic diversity. Having a diverse workplace with a culture of inclusivity is now recognised as being a key factor in business performance and success.  However, achieving it needs some careful consideration by employers.

Corinne Aldridge

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