Criminal Law Blog

25 March 2019

SRA to undertake AML audits as enforcers keep focus on “professional enablers”

Recent political statements as to the role professionals can play in money laundering by “providing a veil of legitimacy to organised criminals” has led to a focus on “lawyers, accountants and estate agents [who] are too often woven into their web.”

Jonathan Grimes

22 March 2019

Will the US College Bribery scandal reach our shores?

As the debate on the “US college bribery scandal” rages in the media, this blog considers whether we are likely to see similar scrutiny here and where parents and guardians in the UK might fall foul of the law.

Louise Hodges

21 March 2019

The International Criminal Court - Limits to Jurisdiction in the US

Last week, it was reported that the US has denied visas to members of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is investigating war crimes that are alleged to have been committed by the US armed forces and the CIA in Afghanistan.  So, what does this mean for the ICC? This blog explores the extent to which the ICC has jurisdiction over the US, and considers where the ICC can go from here.  

Josephine Burnett

19 March 2019

Fighting financial crime post Brexit: what next?

At the time of writing it is not clear whether the UK will be leaving the European Union on the basis of the Withdrawal Agreement, a No Deal scenario or whether indeed Article 50 will be extended for a period. What is clear, however, is that there are serious concerns that law enforcement co-operation will be significantly hampered due to Brexit compared to the current regime.

Jonathan Grimes

13 March 2019

“GPS tagging”: real time monitoring of individuals

Last month the Justice Secretary David Gauke announced that the GPS tag pilot would be rolled out nationwide this summer. While this announcement should have a significant impact on sentencing, its greatest impact may be felt much earlier in proceedings. If the police are able to monitor the real time location of any accused person, we may see a real drop in the number of those remanded in custody.

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