Crime and justice

13 September 2019

Cross-border criminal justice post-Brexit – Operation Yellowhammer

Tucked in between the “reasonable worst-case” scenarios for food, trade and fuel is a stark one liner: “Law enforcement and information sharing between U.K. and EU will be disrupted”. The reduction in capability of law enforcement agencies that will come from a no deal will, according to government documents, be accompanied by an increase in cross-border crime.

Rebecca Niblock

11 September 2019

Challenging the prosecution of weak cases and the lack of anonymity for those accused of sexual offences

The recent acquittal of our client, Oritsé Williams, once again puts a spotlight on the prosecution of rape and serious sexual offences, and the particular complexities faced by high profile individuals defending allegations of this nature.

Sandra Paul

8 May 2019

The use of force against intruders – the blurry lines of ‘lawful killing’

Last week, a Senior Coroner recorded a verdict that homeowner Mr Osborn-Brooks ‘lawfully killed’ an armed burglar with a kitchen knife. The burglar himself was armed with a screwdriver, leading Mr Osborn-Brooks to believe that he “intended to do [him] harm”, and thereby leading the Coroner to conclude that Mr Osborn-Brooks acted in self-defence. This blog considers the blurry lines underpinning the law of self-defence in the context of home intruder cases and the potential challenges these pose. 

Josephine Burnett

25 April 2019

On the cliff edge: Do we need formal sentencing guidelines for ‘young adults’?

Most of us remember our 18th birthday.  Finally you are old enough to do a whole list of activities which were previously prohibited – you can vote, buy alcohol, open your own bank account, gamble or even get that tattoo you always wanted. On top of this, you are now deemed an ‘adult’ in the eyes of the law.

Maeve Keenan

10 April 2019

Eastenders explores rape: Part 5 - what happens when a complainant wants to "drop the case"?

In this blog series, we have been following the progress of one of the latest EastEnders storylines, which centres on a young woman who claims to have been raped by two men after a night of heavy drinking.  

Maeve Keenan

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