Crime and justice

20 June 2018

Sentencing guidelines - acting as a director whilst disqualified

The Sentencing Council recently announced new guidelines for sentencing breaches of s.13 of the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 (CDDA 1986), commonly known as ‘acting as a director whilst disqualified’. The guidelines come into force 1 October 2018. Those who are subject to a director’s disqualification order (‘DDO’) may have some questions about the guidelines. 

Nicola Finnerty

19 June 2018

Russia 2018: the ugly face of the beautiful game

The World Cup is upon us, and while for many the festival of the football is a cause for celebration, the controversial decision to award this year’s tournament to Russia raises important issues not just for those with an interest in the interface between sport and international relations but more practically for those who have decided to travel as spectators.

Ed Smyth

15 May 2018

Dangerous Dogs Act under review – is it fit for purpose?

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has been tasked with reviewing whether the current Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 legislation is fit for purpose. This follows recent statistics which suggests that the current legislation, aimed at reducing dog attacks, has monumentally failed, with figures from 2015 suggesting that hospital admissions related to dog attacks has risen 76% from the same period ten years previously.

Anna Holmes

4 May 2018

Sexting: “Outcome 21” - a solution or part of the problem?

The increase in young people sexting cannot have escaped the attention of even the most ostrich like parents. The temptation not to think about and deal with these issues is irresistible for many parents. Those parents do so at their peril because data from police forces published in November 2017 shows a surge in children sharing or possessing sexual images of themselves or others - now politely referred to as “Self-Generated Images” – with over 6200 incidents reported last year being an increase of 131% from 2014/2015. Thankfully, an initial analysis shows that the number of children being charged in these cases has more than halved.

Sandra Paul

13 April 2018

UK-EU security cooperation post Brexit (Part II) - ringing the alarm bell!

In a previous blog “UK-EU Security cooperation after Brexit: approaching the cliff edge”, Dr Debbie Sayers examined the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee report UK-EU security cooperation after Brexit and highlighted MPs concerns as to the Government’s apparent lack of investment and interest in contingency planning. In this blog, she takes a closer look at the key instruments at stake and the foundations of EU cooperation in this area – mutual recognition of judicial decisions based on mutual trust and common standards for data protection.

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