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20 February 2019

Changes to the SRA’s Reporting Obligation

On 7 February 2019 the SRA published its response to the August 2018 Reporting Concerns consultation.  As a result of the consultation, the SRA has decided to update its reporting obligation so that it reads as follows...

Lucy Williams

28 November 2018

SRA Handbook: The 5 changes you need to know about

The Legal Services Board has now approved a comprehensive re-draft of the SRA Handbook.  These new rules will be known as the SRA Standards and Regulations. These are due to replace the SRA Handbook at a date yet to be fixed between April and June 2019.  Five of the key changes are summarised below.

Iain Miller

10 August 2018

Is it time to re-visit Bolton?

If you’re in any way involved in the world of professional regulation it can’t have escaped your attention that the definition of what may constitute a lack of integrity has recently been defined, and arguably widened, by the Court of Appeal.

Iain Miller

7 August 2018

Solicitor challenges SDT’s restrictions on practice successfully

Whilst many solicitors before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) facing an integrity allegation would be relieved to avoid a strike off, the ability of the SDT to impose continuing restrictions on practice can have severe consequences on one’s career and the ability to earn a living. 

Sian Jones

14 June 2018

SRA Handbook 2019 – Time to start preparing

On 14th June 2018 the SRA published the response to its consultation on the new SRA Handbook along with a revised draft of the new SRA Handbook.  The SRA will now seek Legal Services Board approval of the SRA Handbook which is expected to be received in the autumn.  The SRA’s intention is that the new Handbook will come into force in April 2019. It is not anticipated that the LSB’s review process will lead to any major amendments. We have therefore reached the stage where firms can begin to plan their own implementation.  This note is intended to provide an introduction to the main changes.

Iain Miller

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