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30 January 2017

The Brexit ruling - did the Supreme Court get it right?

The Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Miller sent shockwaves around Westminster. In a case of great constitutional importance, the court decided that the Government needs approval from Parliament before it can trigger Article 50. However, with three of the eleven justices choosing to dissent, the decision was far from unanimous. In this blog, we analyse where the two sides disagreed and help you decide whether the Supreme Court made the right call. 

Tom Cox

30 January 2017

The Brexit ruling - summary of the decision of the majority

On Tuesday 24 January, UK constitutional law was thrown into the spotlight in what can only be described as one of the most hotly anticipated judgments in recent years. The fact that all eleven Justices of the Supreme Court sat to hear the Government’s appeal (an unprecedented event in the Court’s history) signifies the importance of the decision, which marks another important step in the road to Brexit. 

Colleen Nwaodor

31 May 2016

A day in the life of a Corporate Trainee

Hi, I’m John, a first-year trainee at Kingsley Napley.  I started in our Corporate and Commercial department in September 2015, and this is a blog describing a typical day for me.  Hopefully you’ll find it a useful insight into trainee life at our firm.

John Kowalewski

27 May 2016

A day in the life of a Private Client Trainee

When I tell non-lawyers that I am currently doing a training contract seat in Private Client, the typical response is something along the lines of “isn’t that just wills and dead people?”. Not quite. 

Katie Allard

19 March 2014

Approaching qualification

You enter your fourth and final seat in a mix of excitement and apprehension. The finishing line is in sight and the summer is approaching. The only hurdle (or Himalayan sized mountain) between you and that long awaited dream of QUALIFICATION is the newly qualified job application process. You welcome back that familiar sick, hollow feeling you haven’t felt since securing your training contract while contemplating writing your CV, drafting a covering letter and putting together a trainee pack before being interviewed by a panel of Partners in the department that you really hope to qualify in to. Well, at least you know what you are doing now you’re 18 months in, right? Wrong.

Roberta Draper

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