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25 April 2019

Identity Fraud: company directors at double the risk of other individuals

Company directors increasingly have to deal with personal identity theft on top of already substantial compliance requirements to meet their directors’ duties.  The risk of identity theft is even greater for those company directors based in London than in other areas of the United Kingdom.

Melinka Berridge

25 April 2019

Confused, Bewildering, Dubious? Cannabidiol in food and drinks: What does the future hold?

Last October, the EU Novel Foods Committee met to consider the evidence on certain hemp derived products, including Cannabidiol [CBD], to evaluate whether they had been widely used for human consumption within the EU prior to the 15th of May 1997, that being the date upon which the original “Novel Food” regulation, (EC) 258/97 came into force.

Shannett Thompson

24 April 2019

What regulators regard as dishonest – More than you would think! (Part Two)

We regularly act for clinicians accused of professional misconduct, including dishonesty. Many do not appreciate the kinds of matters which regulators consider to be dishonest, and are taken aback when criticism is levelled against them.

Shannett Thompson

18 April 2019

The Notre-Dame Fire: safeguarding our historic buildings

The sad news on Monday evening that one of the world’s iconic historical buildings was engulfed in flames caused many to question whether other historical buildings around the world are vulnerable to the same fate.

Hannah Eales

17 April 2019

New CQC quality ratings – Lessons for private doctors and clinics

In advance of the new Care Quality Commission (CQC) quality ratings for independent doctor and clinic services coming into force this month, what lessons can be learned from the recent CQC report on the state of care in independent doctor and clinic services?

Shannett Thompson

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