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7 October 2020

Audit reviews: the process, pitfalls and published themes – how to get the best outcome when faced with an adverse finding

In our blog series, we have dealt with how the accountancy regulators put their spotlight on audit quality, and how firms should prepare for an audit quality visit from their regulator to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Sophie Bolzonello

6 October 2020

New High Court guidance on how regulators should word sexual misconduct charges

The High Court has provided clarity on how professional regulators such as the General Medical Council (‘the GMC’) should consider wording allegations of a sexual nature.

Shannett Thompson

6 October 2020

Student misconduct allegations and the right to a fair hearing

The temptation to approach the adjudication of a student complaint as merely an ‘internal process’, is one of the most common errors made by some higher education institutions. The process adopted must be capable of examination by an independent and external eye to ensure that at each stage of the process, the rights of all individuals involved are protected.

Sandra Paul

5 October 2020

The Fire Safety Bill: Extending the scope of the Fire Safety Order

On 1 October, the Fire Safety Bill had its second reading and debate in the House of Lords. The Bill is short but introduces important new measures.

Hannah Eales

5 October 2020

Best practice for organisations using private prosecution powers

The House of Commons Justice Committee has made a series of recommendations in its report published today which are likely to have a significant impact on the future of private prosecutions in England and Wales. 

Melinka Berridge

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