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10 January 2020

New Year, New …Nationality?

Increasingly, clients are turning to us for advice about British citizenship.  Whether this is to do with the looming Brexit deadline, or sparked by a New Year’s resolution to get your immigration affairs in order (?!), it’s not clear.  

Josephine Burnett

20 December 2019

Immigration related risks in a “compliant environment"

Since the introduction of the Immigration Act 2014, the Conservative government has been open about its willingness to create a “hostile environment” for users of the immigration system, not least anyone who may not have a lawful basis to remain in the UK.

Tim Richards

20 December 2019

All I want for Christmas is… for the UK to re-open for business

Dear Father Christmas,

Further to the advice we provided in December 2017 regarding your ability to travel to the UK to deliver presents to children over Christmas, I am now writing to provide you with an update. This letter will focus specifically on your ability to travel, with a particular look at the current Brexit framework and some recent changes to the UK immigration system.

Josephine Burnett

19 December 2019

Post-Brexit immigration rules – not so bad for the finance sector?

Hot on the heels of the general election outcome, this article sets out the likely new Conservative party immigration policies and rules for the finance sector.  In particular, it focuses on the impact of Brexit and the intention for the UK to have a new post-Brexit immigration system.  For the finance sector, the outlook is generally positive and although uncertainty remains and hoops will have to be jumped through, the new rules and systems should not be overly onerous.  Care still needs to be taken though, especially in terms of prevention of illegal working.


Ilda de Sousa

12 November 2019

The use of Artificial Intelligence by the Home Office to stream visa applications

A look at the reliance on artificial intelligence by the Home Office as a streaming tool for visa applications, and whether it may actually be carrying out its functions on grounds of racial bias. 

Nardos Engeda

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