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12 July 2017

KN Global Immigration Update - July 2017

In these global immigration updates, we provide brief updates on key changes to immigration rules in global jurisdictions. All immigration rules are subject to change and whilst correct at the time of publication, they should not be relied upon as legal advice or accuracy at a later date.

Benjamin Sookia

27 June 2017

The offer: questions remain as to what Theresa May’s proposals mean for EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit

Last week, Theresa May announced her political offering to European leaders in Brussels on how she will deal with EU citizens living in the UK post Brexit. Yesterday, the government produced a document:  The United Kingdom’s Exit from the European Union, which provides more detail on the PM’s approach and offering to EU citizens. 

Jessica Jim 詹颖怡

23 June 2017

Lessons we still haven’t learnt – a year on

It would seem that Theresa May has a flair for the dramatic these days.  An out of the blue, snap election. Announcing her opening gambit on the rights of EU citizens on the eve of the anniversary of the referendum. Presenting said opening gambit in vague terms and making anxious EU citizens wait over the weekend before presenting the detail in a subsequent position paper the following week. 


Katie Newbury

20 June 2017

Life in Limbo: The realities of being a Refugee in the UK

You finally made it. It could be months or even years since you were forced to flee your home country, for fear of conflict, persecution, torture or death.  You may not have seen your family or friends since you set off on a journey for a better life, you may feel isolated and afraid. You may have been at the mercy of people smugglers and risked your life on perilous journeys by land and sea. Many making the treacherous journey will die in transit but you have finally arrived at your destination – the United Kingdom.

Maeve Keenan

20 June 2017

Less than our fair share: resettling Europe’s refugee children

2016 was an eventful year. We made it through two Prime Ministers, a referendum, an escalating crisis in Syria and ‘the Donald’. Amid all of this we also welcomed around 1,000 unaccompanied children to the UK from the camp known as ‘the Jungle’, a project which we had some involvement in, working with the fantastic charity Safe Passage

Sean O'Beirne

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