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28 June 2019

Home Secretary asks the MAC to think again on post-Brexit salary thresholds

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is the independent body tasked with advising the government on UK immigration policy.  In September 2018, the MAC produced its 140 page report with recommendations for the future post-Brexit immigration system.  

Tim Richards

1 March 2019

Brexit – take back control over your immigration status

As the UK hurtles ever closer to a possible cliff edge and the spectre of ‘no deal’ Brexit looms large in everyone’s minds, it is easy to feel we have no control over the direction we are heading in and the impact that may have on our lives. Those individuals who have obtained the right to live in the UK by virtue of their EU citizenship or their family relationship to an EU citizen can, however, take back control over their immigration status and rest a little easier in the weeks to come about at least one aspect of this quagmire.

Katie Newbury

5 July 2018

New Immigration Rules - implications for the NHS

Emma Fowler and Marcia Longdon examine the background to these changes and the impact they will have.

Marcia Longdon

20 April 2018

Will Windrush help reset attitudes to immigration?

‘Positive, welcoming, liberal, forward-looking’. This is how Michael Gove summarised the Government’s approach to immigration only this week. Did he not get the Windrush memo? Immigration lawyers, human rights organisations and migrant communities have for years now tried to draw attention to the dangerous impact of the Government’s policy of establishing a ‘hostile environment’. However public discussion of immigration has instead focused on net migration figures and linking immigration to crime and a crisis in public services.  There has been publicity about successful appeals against deportation and doubts over the true age of asylum seeking children.

Katie Newbury

10 April 2018

International surrogacy - the legal challenges for US nationals bringing a surrogate child to the UK

Surrogacy as a way of having a family is often talked about more openly in the US than in the UK. As a consequence, people’s knowledge and understanding of the process differ greatly. In some US States, such as California, surrogacy is a mature industry in which surrogacy arrangements are well regulated and contracts (where a surrogate agrees to carry a child for intended parents for payment) are enforceable. However, documents or agreements which purport to be a surrogacy contract are not enforceable in the UK.

Connie Atkinson

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