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10 December 2019

Trust me: how a constructive trust saved millions

The recent decision of the Court of Appeal (CA) in Alice Kahrmann (as administrator of the estate of Rainer Christuab Kahrmann) v Hilary Harrison-Morgan (2019) may on the face of it appear to be a textbook dispute between a daughter and step-mother but it teaches us more than meets the eye, particularly in respect of the power of a constructive trust.

Emily Greig

5 December 2019

French matrimonial regimes: the wide ranging impact for couples with Anglo French connections

We discuss the various aspects that you should consider from a family and inheritance or succession perspective when deciding which matrimonial regime to elect (or whether to create another type of agreement), including what will happen by default if you do not select any. 

Colleen Hall (née Nwaodor)

5 December 2019

Funeral fall-outs and body battles – Who is in charge?

In most cases, after the death of a loved one, family members and those close to the deceased come together to agree a fitting and respectful ‘send-off’ for the deceased, whether that involves a funeral, burial, cremation, memorial service or any other way of saying ‘goodbye’.

Kate Salter

18 November 2019

Probate: the basics – what does probate actually mean?

We hear the word 'probate' bandied around a lot but what does it actually mean? And how do you 'get' probate?

James Ward

14 November 2019

Probate: What to do when someone dies

Death, as inevitable as it is, still leaves many of us totally unprepared for its effects. This blog looks at some of the practicalities that need to be dealt with as soon as possible when a family member or friend dies.

James Ward

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