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25 February 2020

How can vulnerable individuals be protected financially when getting married and is a pre-nuptial agreement the answer?

In this blog we consider whether a pre-nuptial agreement is a good option to help protect the estates of vulnerable individuals in the event that their marriage should come to an end.

Cate Maguire

5 February 2020

Proposed inheritance tax reforms and pre-Budget planning

Let’s start by saying that our position has always been, and remains, that it’s never wise to take tax planning steps that you wouldn’t otherwise consider on the back of rumour or double-guessing what changes might be made in an upcoming budget.

James Ward

28 January 2020

Intestacy: The statutory legacy increases – what does this mean?

The UK government has confirmed that the amount a surviving spouse or civil partner is entitled to receive in England and Wales where a person dies intestate (without a valid will) leaving children will be increased. The statutory legacy will be increased by £20,000 from £250,000 to £270,000. The changes will come into force on 6 February 2020.

Diva Shah

6 January 2020

Will Trusts – Who to appoint as trustees

The will trust is enjoying a renaissance. The decision by increasing numbers of people to leave their estates by will in trust, rather than outright, is not the product of any tax changes; contrary to popular belief, tax considerations are rarely the main driver for setting up a trust.

Jim Sawer

19 December 2019

Death of a sole director and shareholder

Serious difficulties can arise where a sole shareholder dies who is also the sole director of a company. 

Stephanie Mooney

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