Civil Partnerships & Co-habitation

9 July 2018

Incompatible with equality? The Supreme Court rules in favour of civil partnerships for all

The Supreme Court has ruled that legislation stating that only same sex couples can enter into a civil partnership is not compatible with its human rights law obligations.

17 May 2018

The call for Equal Civil Partnerships - are we almost there?

Yesterday marked the end of a 4 year legal journey to the UK Supreme Court for Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, who have been striving for their right to enter into a civil partnership as a heterosexual couple since October 2014.

Alexandra Bishop

25 April 2018

Reflections on The Split - Episode 1

Last night we saw the first of a six part series which focuses on the world of divorce.  It is a drama; they use dramatic license to make the show interesting, appealing to the public and to fit into six parts. The show is the first of its kind in this country and it is exciting to see our profession featured in a high profile drama which will provide a platform for family law issues to be discussed. I hope The Split will also give us the opportunity to share our advice, thoughts and experiences from inside the profession.

Connie Atkinson

21 February 2017

A call to arms for equal civil partnerships following Court of Appeal decision

More couples need to stand up, like Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, and demand the freedom to choose how to define their relationship.  There are millions of unmarried couples in the UK and their ability to choose between marriage and civil partnership should not be determined by their sexual orientation.

Lauren Evans

13 December 2016

Comparing family law in Australia v England and Wales – a world apart in more ways than one

While visiting Australia, I had the opportunity of going to the Family Court of Australia in Sydney and discussing the differences between family law in Australia and England with lawyers David Barry, Suzanne Pigdon and Rosemary Norgate. While some of the themes and terminology were familiar, there are some fundamental differences from which I think we could learn a thing or two. 

Connie Atkinson

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