Child Relocation after Divorce or Separation

23 February 2021

Back to school…but is it time for a change?

 The dark and dank month of January is finally behind us and the glimmer of hope brought about by the possibility of a brighter Spring with a ‘less locked-down version of lockdown’ is here. We are told that children may return to school from 8 March and after a long period of home-schooling and working from home, many friends, family and colleagues are reviewing their lives, careers and general ‘set up’ in an effort to ensure that 2021 and beyond is a time where they and their families can thrive, rather than merely survive. 

Olivia Stiles

17 February 2021

Relocating with children following family breakdown and the impact of COVID-19 and Brexit

These days we routinely read news pieces about people leaving London.  For example ‘2020 saw record number of homebuyers move out of London as Covid sparks exodus from city life’ and ‘the population of the U.K.’s capital city could fall in 2021 for the first time in more than 30 years… as the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic prompts people to reconsider big-city life’’.  [U.K. economic outlook report by PwC, released in January 2021]  

Charlotte Bradley

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