International Adoption & Surrogacy

6 April 2021

Compensated surrogacy legalised in New York state

15 February saw the introduction of a new law in New York state which legalises compensated gestational surrogacy arrangements. The Child Parent Security Act (the “Act”) brings in to force a range of provisions which formalise and regulate Surrogacy agreements.

Olivia Stiles

6 January 2021

The legal position of international surrogacy in England and Italy and the recognition of foreign parental orders

Connie Atkinson, Senior Associate at Kingsley Napley, and Veronica Dindo, Solicitor at LawLab studio legale, look at the legal position in England & Wales and Italy and the recognition of foreign orders relating to the birth of children born following a surrogacy arrangement abroad.

Connie Atkinson

7 May 2020

The challenges for intended parents and surrogacy arrangements during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has caused huge disruption across the world. The distress that it is causing is compounded in circumstances where intended parents of surrogacy children are in the middle of their surrogacy journey. In this blog, we address some of the most common issues people are experiencing and provide practical tips on how to navigate the current situation. These challenges include access to fertility treatment, pregnancy and birth, international travel restrictions, immigration status, parental orders and Wills among others.

Sarah Dodds

11 December 2019

Brexit and family law – what will happen to divorce, financial proceedings, prenups and cases involving children?

At the time of writing, the UK is on the cusp of a General Election where Brexit is high on the agenda.  In this blog, Stacey Nevin considers a number of scenarios and the changes that people who have connections with England and another EU member state might encounter for divorces, financial proceedings and matters concerning children in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Stacey Nevin

1 November 2019

National Fertility Awareness Week – facing fertility issues and the strains it can place on relationships

This week is National Fertility Awareness Week. Culminating with World Fertility Day on 2 November 2019, Fertility Network UK’s focus throughout the week includes: the impact of infertility on your mental health; infertility in the workplace; men and infertility; and fertility education. A huge number of important issues are raised, and stories shared, which helps us to see that infertility touches the lives of many people in many ways. In this blog, Connie Atkinson shares her personal experience of dealing with fertility issues and how she as a family and divorce lawyer witness the strain it can place on relationships.

Connie Atkinson

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