International Adoption & Surrogacy

9 May 2018

Reflections on The Split – Episode 3: Behaving badly

This week’s episode of The Split was all about bad behaviour, both in the court room and at home. Not even our favourite characters were spared, soon-to-be-wed Rose made a pass at her vicar and not-so-dependable husband and father Nathan overstepped the mark with his sister-in-law, Nina, following a high-octane game of Nerf Gun Wars with his children and their estranged grandfather.

Olivia Stiles

10 April 2018

International surrogacy - the legal challenges for US nationals bringing a surrogate child to the UK

Surrogacy as a way of having a family is often talked about more openly in the US than in the UK. As a consequence, people’s knowledge and understanding of the process differ greatly. In some US States, such as California, surrogacy is a mature industry in which surrogacy arrangements are well regulated and contracts (where a surrogate agrees to carry a child for intended parents for payment) are enforceable. However, documents or agreements which purport to be a surrogacy contract are not enforceable in the UK.

Connie Atkinson

2 February 2018

First cases of mitochondrial donation therapy in the UK and why the “three-parent baby” headlines are misleading

In February 2015 the UK became the first country to approve laws allowing for the creation of so called “three-parent babies”. Despite the UK being first in line to approve the legislation, there has been a three year delay before doctors have now been granted permission by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to use the procedure on two women in the UK.  

Olivia Stiles

21 December 2017

Surrogacy and Parental Orders - welcome news for single applicants

At the beginning of December, we received the welcome news that a remedial order, amending the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 (HFEA), is being laid before Parliament.  The impact of the order, when it comes into effect next year, will be to allow single parents in the UK to apply for a Parental Order for their child born through surrogacy.  

Connie Atkinson

17 August 2017

Parenthood and surrogacy developments in France

Unlike the “halfway house” position in the UK, all forms of surrogacy are strictly forbidden in France.  A contract between a surrogate and the intended parents is void and there are criminal consequences. Any intermediary (e.g. agencies, doctors and clinics) would also be committing a criminal offence and the penalty is doubled if they are acting on a commercial basis.

Connie Atkinson

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