Financial Settlements

11 June 2021

A nervous disposition

Daniel Staunton explores the inherent conflict between the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy courts and the family courts and asks which jurisdiction trumps the other? This article focuses on the authorities in relation to section 284 and when family court orders might be liable to be set aside as void dispositions

Daniel Staunton

11 June 2021

On the rebound: How to clawback from a divorce

Mary Young explores how divorce settlements between spouses may be caught later down the line in bankruptcy proceedings as potential TUVs where there are dishonest motives.

Mary Young

23 October 2020

White v White: 20 years on from seminal farming divorce case

Farming divorces hold a special place in the heart of family lawyers as the landmark divorce case of White v White [2000] was that of a farming family.

Abby Buckland

10 July 2020

Barder - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Much has been written about the case of Barder v Calouori [1988] AC 20 (“Barder”) in the initial stages of the COVID-19 lockdown. It was held out as the means by which maybe, just maybe, it might be possible to reopen a case where a substantive financial order has been made on the basis that the COVID-19 pandemic is an event which has invalidated the basis, or fundamental assumptions of the original financial order.

Jane Keir

26 June 2020

Preserving multi-generational family wealth on death and divorce

Jordan Williams, wealth manager at Artorius, and Abby Buckland, Senior Associate in the family and divorce team at Kingsley Napley, believe that a collaborative approach to preserving family wealth at an early stage is necessary. In this blog, they share some of the practical ways in which family wealth can be preserved in the event of divorce or death. 

Abby Buckland

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