Financial Settlements

28 April 2020

My financial circumstances have changed since COVID-19 – can I vary the spousal maintenance I pay?

If your income has reduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, you may not be able to pay the same amount of maintenance to your former partner. This could be short-term or you might be worried the situation could be more permanent. In this blog, we set out some key points to consider if you can no longer afford to pay the spousal maintenance you have been ordered to.

Cady Pearce

23 April 2020

Unprecedented times – but unprecedented enough to launch a Barder application?

In the first of our blogs in this series about Barder events and variation, we explained about the case of Barder and how, if you believe you may have suffered a “Barder” event, you might be able to ask the Court to re-open your case.  In this blog, we set out some examples of cases where the English courts have both allowed and refused Barder applications, although it is right to say that the overall number of successful Barder applications can be counted on one hand only and are extremely rare.

Jane Keir

17 April 2020

Am I stuck with my divorce settlement after coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the world dramatically. It can feel as though the ground is shifting beneath your feet. If you are recently divorced, or are currently getting divorced, that feeling may be a familiar one. We can’t predict what the health implications of COVID-19 will be for us individually, or for the community we live in, but some economic effects are already being felt by many who have already either lost their jobs, been furloughed or had a reduction in income. In this rapidly evolving environment where people’s financial circumstances are changing, many are asking if their divorce settlement still applies. In this blog, which is the first in a series on the subject, we set out some preliminary guidance.

Jane Keir

19 February 2020

Reflections on The Split – S2, E2: A French love affair and a race to court

This week’s episode of The Split gave us further insight into the Hansens’ family life with red flags starting to show in respect of Richie’s behaviour towards Fi. Towards the end of the episode, Hannah makes reference to controlling and coercive behaviour – a topic we have previously blogged about here. We will watch to see how that storyline develops and what advice and assistance Hannah is able to provide to Fi to extricate her from what is starting to look like a deeply troubling relationship.

12 February 2020

Reflections on The Split - S2, E1: The Defoes are back – affairs, prenups and pregnancies

It was affairs, prenups and pregnancies in the first episode of The Split last night as the BBC One drama returned to our screens for a second series. We found ourselves delving back into the complicated lives of the Defoes, three months after Hannah went knocking on Christie’s door against her better judgment. It seems, however, that things are back on track - Hannah and Nathan are still together, Rose is having a baby and the Noble Hale Defoe merger was the smoothest in legal history. What could possibly go wrong?

Liam Hurren

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