Intellectual property claims

25 October 2019

Shanks v Unilever: What does this mean for employers’ intellectual property rights?

After a 13 year legal battle, the Supreme Court has awarded £2m in compensation to a professor for an invention he created during his employment, nearly forty years ago. This ruling poses the question; will Shanks v Unilever open the floodgates to future compensation claims from disgruntled employees?

James Fulforth

17 January 2014

Don’t shoot the messenger: Internet middlemen on the hook for actions of illegal website operators

Internet Service Providers could find themselves incurring substantial expense in protecting the copyright interests of others. Websites that exist beneath the radar of detection and infringe the copyright of others such as those that offer unlawful music downloads and streaming are likely escape scot free while ISPs are left to pick up the bill.

25 October 2012

Is IP litigation recession proof?

It has been suggested that IP litigation is ‘recession proof’. Recent Ministry of Justice figures have shown that claims were up 19% in 2011. So what are the reasons for the rise? 

Laura Phillips

27 January 2012

Intellectual Property: Improved access to justice for intellectual property right claims heard in the Patents County Court

On 1 October 2011, The Patents County Court (Financial Limits) (No 2) Order 2011 (SI2011/2222) came into force, introducing a £500,000 limit on the value of intellectual property (IP) right claims heard in the Patents County Court (PCC) for claims other than those relating to patents and designs.

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