Powers of Attorney

Individuals will often approach us for advice in relation to dealing with their personal finances in the event they are unable to make decisions themselves in the future. This may be as a result of physical or mental incapacity and we have the expertise to advise as to what type of power of attorney is most suitable for you.

We also regularly advise where there may be a family dispute over the inappropriate use or abuse of authority under a power of attorney, such as where an attorney has used their authority inappropriately to make gifts which haven’t been authorised by the court.

Where there are disputes over someone’s potential lack of mental capacity we regularly engage with expert witnesses, such as doctors and other medical professionals, to obtain mental capacity reports which assist with any dispute that may arise.

Many people don’t realise how useful and invaluable different types of powers of attorney can be. Our team regularly explains to clients the benefits of creating powers of attorney to be used in real life situations, for example, through accident or illness. Or, if someone is made physically or mentally incapacitated, their appointed attorney could ensure financial affairs are in order, and take medical decisions on their behalf if necessary.

We will take the time to discuss all different potential scenarios and outcomes with you, and will then draft a document specific to your needs.

Many of our clients have demanding timeframes, as many people encounter unplanned events which will mean that they need to act quickly to ensure the requisite documentation is in place. We respond quickly and efficiently in any given situation.

We make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, with minimal fuss and administration for you.

Powers of Attorney Insights

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