Wills, Succession Planning and Trusts

Many of our clients have assets in multiple jurisdictions and complex business structures, high value real estate or other assets.  This necessitates careful and coordinated planning and advice but, whatever the complexity of their affairs, our clients all feel listened to and appreciate that we are quick to respond. 

We are pragmatic and clear in our communication with our clients as well as with their other professional advisors, where appropriate. We break down complex areas of law and provide you with clear options and recommendations to help you choose the solution that works best for you.

Our clients appoint us to act as professional trustees; we also advise some clients in their capacity as trustees. Our clients often require specialist trusts to be created including personal injury trusts.

We recognise that administering a deceased’s estate can be emotional and stressful; our strong track record in helping many others in a similar situation will support and guide you through this difficult time.

Making your Will, succession planning and administrating estate issues need not be a long, painful and drawn out process. Our efficient but personal approach means that your experience with us will be a positive one.

Many people in the UK pass away without making a valid Will. This can lead to uncertainty around the financial protection of your loved ones and a disregard for your wishes. Often, those left behind may also be exposed to adverse tax implications and significant worry. It is also often assumed that if you are married or co-habiting, then when you die everything will pass to your spouse and this is often not the case.  If you do not have a will, the state will dictate how your assets are divided, depending on their value and the remaining members of your family (their relationship to you). 

Online Wills service

Online Wills service

We offer an online Wills service, allowing you to easily capture your main details and requirements via a secure online questionnaire. Once prepared, you will be able to access your Will from wherever you are in the world and request amendments to it as your circumstances change. Typical situations that require review and changes to Wills include:

  • A change of marital status - including divorce and separation
  • Having children, step-children or grandchildren
  • Substantial change in financial circumstances
  • Buying or selling a property or a business
  • Residence and domicile changes
  • The death of a close relative or someone mentioned in a Will

There is no added cost for this service and the personal attention and quality advice you receive from one of our private client lawyers remains unchanged.

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