Giving Something Back

4 March 2020

Challenging hidden assumptions

Recent social progress in LGBT+ issues in the UK is a cause for celebration but it is not the end of the story.  Heteronormative stereotypes persist and can be harmful.  

4 March 2020

Fathers can be flexible too! Equal sharing of family responsibilities

We all have family responsibilities, regardless of our gender.  Today’s parents typically want to be equally involved in family and parental responsibilities. 

Moira Campbell

2 March 2020

BAME heroines who exemplify #EachforEqual

While great leaps forward have been made and women-led movements have been gaining unprecedented attention and support (see the #metoo movement), minority ethnic women are often left behind as these struggles are compounded with the intersection of their race / ethnicity and gender.

Sameera Abdulrehman

24 January 2020

Holocaust Memorial Day 2020: “Stand Together”

Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January 2020, will mark 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz, where more than a million people perished in gas chambers, most of them Jews. The day is internationally marked in remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and other appalling acts of genocide, including later atrocities in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur, and to recognise that the lessons of the Holocaust are still relevant, especially at a time when racism and extremism is on the rise across Europe.

3 December 2019

IDPWD: Why are disabilities not more widely discussed?

I suspect that many of you may not be aware that today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  This is a UN initiative that has been observed since 1992.

The question, is why 27 years on is this still a subject that is not widely discussed. Thinking about it this morning it seems to me there are many reasons and below I have given two of the most obvious.

Kate Rohde

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