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5 October 2021

What is an Advanced Subscription Agreement?

If you are involved in investing, either as a startup or an investor, you are likely to come across an advanced subscription agreement. So what is an advanced subscription agreement and what do you need to consider when entering into one? 

Emer Hughes

19 November 2019

An introduction to angel investing

You own your own home, and potentially have a second investment property. You make the maximum payment you can (while still receiving tax relief) into your pension each year and have funds invested in the stock market. You have maxed out your yearly ISA allowance, using it as a tax efficient wrapper for your investments into stocks and shares.

Roberta Draper

27 November 2017

What is a term sheet and why is it important?

If you are a founder, entrepreneur or a potential investor, at some stage you are likely to encounter a term sheet. So, what are term sheets actually for and what issues do you need to consider?

James Fulforth

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