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23 March 2020

Coronavirus, disruption and legal liability

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is being felt throughout the economy from supply chain disruption to venue hire cancellations, travel bans and more. Inevitably as the pandemic continues there will be a surge in questions about legal liability for delayed performance, requests for refunds and contract termination enquiries. In this blog, we focus on the implications of force majeure clauses for exceptional circumstances and the key legal principles for business owners to bear in mind during these challenging times. 

Alexander Torpey

19 December 2019

Death of a sole director and shareholder

Serious difficulties can arise where a sole shareholder dies who is also the sole director of a company. 

Stephanie Mooney

18 December 2019

An early Christmas present for the tech sector from the CMA?

The Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) has today (18 December 2019) given the tech sector an early Christmas present by publishing its interim report on its market study, commenced earlier this year, into online platforms and digital advertising.

Alexander Torpey

4 December 2019

Green Lending - what is the loan market doing for the environment?

You would have to be living under a rock not to recognise that environmental issues have become much more of a focus in recent years as ‘going green’ has become a greater priority for everyone, both at an individual level (think tote bags, keep cups and paper straws) and at a corporate level too, as many sectors and organisations make environmental, social and governance (or, “ESG”) criteria, a higher priority.

Anna Shonfeld

27 November 2019

No man is an island, but being a sole director might come close

Up to now you’ve been operating as a sole trader. Your business is growing, your contracts are becoming more lucrative, and you want to limit your potential personal liability. You decide it’s time to incorporate a company and join the other 4 million private limited companies on the UK Company Register.

Luke Gregory

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