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Whether you need to visit the UK for business, to see family or for private medical treatment, we have considerable experience in helping individuals make successful visa applications.

The immigration rules for visitors to the UK were completely overhauled in April 2015. Kingsley Napley played a key role in advising on the re-design of the rules. We have also successfully lobbied for more sensible rules for lawyers travelling to the UK to advise their clients and for external corporate trainers.

We regularly assist individuals with complex UK immigration histories and who may have been refused visit visas in the past. If you are an individual looking to visit the UK and struggling with the application process, we can help simplify the process and assist you in preparing a strong application.

Our engagement not only with the rules as they are but also their limitations means we are well placed to advise businesses as well as individuals on the extent to which they can rely on the visitor category.

There is a lot of confusion about what a visitor can and cannot do in the UK and how long they can spend here. These misunderstandings can have serious repercussions and in the most serious situations, you could be refused entry to the UK. It is therefore very important to understand the limits of your entry to the UK as a visitor and to remain compliant with the conditions of your visa.

We will start by advising you on whether the visitor category is suitable for your intended trip to the UK. If it is, we will work with you to prepare a comprehensive application that addresses all the key requirements for a visitor. We will guide you through the process from start to finish and ensure you have a clear understanding at the end of what you can and cannot do in the UK on your new visa.

You might be a non-visa national who doesn’t need to obtain a visa in advance of visiting the UK but who has experienced difficulty entering the UK. In these cases, we will assess what the risk is to you returning to the UK and can either help you cover yourself with a visa or provide a letter to support your entry to the UK.

We also regularly advise businesses on the best way to move their global employees. If the visitor route is the best one for your employee, we will ensure you understand clearly what they will be able to do during their time in the UK and can assist with as smooth an entry to the UK as possible.

For more information about our immigration services please contact Nicolas Rollason at or a member of the team.

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