Police Station Representation and Advice

"They are determined to do the best for their clients at all times and leave absolutely no stone unturned. It is a brilliant defence firm."

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2016

Our criminal law team includes specialist police station advisers.  Our reputation is based on over 75 years of providing quality assistance to our clients, protecting their rights and interests, holding the police to account, and striving for the best result.

We are top ranked in the legal directories and were Firm of the Year: Crime, Fraud and Licensing 2015.  Our experience in guiding clients through the options before them is second to none.

We are proactive in achieving the best results for our clients.  Contacting us as soon as you become aware of a police investigation increases the opportunity to resolve the matter quickly and discreetly.   

An interview at a police station is a stressful and worrying experience and it is essential that you are aware of your rights. We seek to avoid an arrest, thereby protecting you from the potentially onerous consequences that flow from it, such as retention of your biometric data on the Police National Computer, oppressive bail conditions and restrictions on your travel.

There is a myth that those who attend the police station with a lawyer only do so because they are guilty.  In fact, those who have the benefit of legal advice are more able to make the right decision about whether and how to answer questions.  Those that have a lawyer are much less likely to be take advantage of.  What happens at the police station can dictate how well you are able to defend the case later if it develops.  It also means you have a better chance of bringing the investigation to a conclusion sooner rather than later. 

Many people, when faced with police questioning, attend on their own, believing they can talk their way out of the situation and leave as quickly as possible.  This is rarely the best long term strategy.  Our aim is to help you to stop, think and give the best account of yourself.

Sometimes the best advice is to decline to answer questions, at least until further information is provided as to the case against you; or alternatively sometimes it may be better to produce a written statement setting out your case in a clear and structured way.  Even if you decide to answer questions, you will want to think carefully in advance about the issues with which you will have to deal.  Our lawyers are adept at getting to the crux of the matter and advising you about what evidence you will need to defeat the allegations.

Our experienced defence lawyers are available 24 hours a day.  We are able to attend the police station when you need us.  Our presence at the police station throughout the period of your detention ensures that the police deal with your case expeditiously and in accordance with the law.

Kingsley Napley is ranked in Band 1 for General Crime by both Chambers  and Partners and Legal 500.

"The ‘first-rate’ team at Kingsley Napley LLP is ‘efficient, strategic, committed and able to handle the most complex of criminal cases as well as more general crime cases’. It advises corporations and individuals on sexual offences, violent crimes, drug offences, firearms offences, extradition and high-profile matters with an international element."

Legal 500 UK 2019 

"They very much embrace the need to look at the whole situation; they look at the media exposure - for people in the public eye and for a particular type of high net worth individual, that's very important and I've seen them handle that side of things very well. They're one of those few firms that would give clients a genuine round-the-clock service, seven days a week"

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2018


"It is an excellent firm - the level of preparation for cases is just fantastic."                           

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2016

''...Kingsley Napley LLP’s ‘high-end practice’ is part of the firm’s criminal law team, and able to draw on this expertise to handle enforcement actions for its individual and growing corporate client base...''

Legal 500 UK, 2015

"Kingsley Napley is pre-eminent at what it does: high-end, complex criminal work for high-profile individuals."

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2014

"One of the most highly regarded criminal defence firms, noted for its high-profile mandates from media organisations and sports professionals."

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2014

"The crime team is first-rate. They are dedicated, hard-working and tireless in their preparation of cases."

Chambers UK, 2017

"They are determined to do the best for their clients at all times and leave absolutely no stone unturned. It is a brilliant defence firm."

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2016

...'The team provides excellent advice to clients at the police station as to whether to answer questions in interview. Their trial preparation is meticulous'...

Chambers UK 2014, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession

...'It prepares its cases with meticulous care and 'outguns' the Crown Prosecution Service in pretty much every respect'...

Chambers UK 2014, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession

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