Sandra Paul


Criminal Litigation

" the best criminal partner in London and takes no prisoners when it comes to dealing with difficult cases and difficult opponents."

Legal 500 UK 2021

"She is brilliant and brings a lot to the table - she has a calmness and authority about her and is hugely respected."

Chambers UK 2021

Sandra has a wealth of experience in criminal and related litigation. The majority of her work concerns defending allegations of sexual offences. She works with clients in the UK and abroad, including allegations following the #MeToo campaign. Drawing on her advocacy experience, Sandra is particularly accomplished in preparing witnesses to give an account or evidence in settings ranging from court proceedings through to internal and external investigations or inquiries.  Sandra’s career has included discreet representation of high profile individuals including politicians, bankers, music, sports and media personalities.

She has a particular passion and aptitude for working with children and young adults, navigating them safely through the youth justice system. Youth crime is a specialist area in which Sandra is a leader in her field.

She conducts cases concerning sexual offences, murder, assault, the possession or use of firearms and the possession of drugs.

She is particularly experienced in dealing with sexual offences against adults and children.  These include international child abduction, allegations concerning the use of social media, high profile historical allegations, sexual assault, and cases involving human rights and sexual freedoms. Combining meticulous preparation and an innovative approach to the law, Sandra has a reputation for securing the right result.

Sandra’s strength lies in her unique approach to resolving matters quickly, quietly and effectively. Her success in doing so accounts for the trust and confidence her clients express.

Sandra’s strategic approach to representation enables her to offer continuity of representation acting throughout the life of a case. She is an experienced advocate able to assess your case for litigation and alternative resolution.

Recent cases

Young people

  • Secured a community resolution for young person accused of “sexting” and “malicious communications”
  • Secured a non-custodial sentence for two youths charged with possession of weapons

Unlawful killing

  • Secured a decision to take no further action for two men arrested of murder following their restraint of a shop customer


  • Successful defence of a vicar charged with historic sex offences
  • Police station representation for a broker accused of sexual assault arising from an office Christmas party.  Secured a decision to take no further action .
  • Successfully resisted the arrest and prosecution of a politician subject to a newspaper sting operation.

General crime

  • Acquittal of man charged with harassment and breach of a non-molestation order through his use of social media.
  • Acquittal of husband charged with domestic abuse within the context of litigious family proceedings


  • Prepared and represented clients for interview with the SFO, FCA and compliance.


What clients and directories have said

Sandra Paul is experienced in dealing with stressful situations."

Legal 500 UK 2021

A brilliant and very effective criminal practitioner."

Chambers and Partners 2019

Head and shoulders above any other criminal defence practitioner in London."

Legal 500 UK 2019

Creative, original, alert and has a highly developed intuition combined with a practical, concrete approach."

Chambers and Partners UK, 2018

A delight to work with as she is always exceptionally well prepared," while clients highlight her "outstanding" commitment and service."

Chambers and Partners UK, 2017

The "brilliant" Sandra Paul is a well-regarded solicitor advocate focusing on serious criminal matters. She has substantial experience representing clients in relation to historical charges of sexually abusing children."

Chambers UK, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2016

Her quiet calm and measured advice is a beacon of light.” 

Defence Witness 2016

The best solicitor anyone could ever wish for… (Sandra is) at the top of the profession. I have never met anyone as dedicated.”

Client 2016

She has the "ability to balance the law with a style that is humane and upright," clients say. She regularly handles serious criminal matters, from sex to drugs offences."

Chambers UK, A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2015

Her personal touch makes all the difference. Anyone who has (Sandra) as a solicitor has no idea how lucky they are.”

Client 2015


Professional memberships and societies

  • Fraud Lawyers Association
  • Female Fraud Forum
  • Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA)
  • London Criminal Court Solicitors Association (LCCSA) (committee member since 2014) 
  • Black Solicitors Network (BSN)


Publications, PRESS Highlights, speaking engagements & Blogs


Sandra Paul discusses the complexities and challenges of dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace

We found Sandra to be an excellent advocate - she was patient and listened so intently to every detail so she had a full understanding of our case. She was reassuring and compassionate while also being assertive, perseverant and clear-headed."

Chambers UK 2021 experienced in dealing with stressful situations."

Legal 500 UK 2021

Completely unflappable, fantastic with clients, highly intelligent and highly motivated."

Chambers UK 2020 - A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession a huge asset for the firm."

Legal 500 UK 2020

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Insight from Sandra

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