Áine is a Senior Associate in the criminal team with a wide range of criminal litigation experience. She provides advice and representation to individuals and corporates from the initial stages of criminal investigations up to trial. She regularly represents individuals at police station interviews.

International Crime and Extradition

Áine provides specialist advice on the international dimension of criminal cases and advises individuals in respect of extradition requests, Interpol notices mutual legal assistance (MLA) and prison transfer. Recent cases involved requests from USA, India, Sweden, Malta, Hungary, and Russian Federation.

Criminal Defence and Police Investigations

Áine acts for individuals under investigation, including at the police station, in a broad range of criminal matters, including: assault, drugs, firearm offences, sexual offences, and serious violence.

She has extensive experience representing children and young people, particularly in relation to online and sexual offences arising out of “sexting” behaviour. She is committed to ensuring the relevant authorities recognise and respect the special rights afforded to children who find themselves within the criminal justice system. She is particularly interested in campaigning work in relation to the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales and improvements to the criminal records system for children and young people.

Business and Financial Crime

Her business and financial crime experience includes investigations and prosecutions brought by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), US Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in relation to cartel, anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption investigations and has written extensively on anti-bribery laws in England and Wales.

Her experience spans a range of industries and she regularly carries out internal investigations in corporate matters where there are allegations of wrongdoing and/or suspected criminality.

She was part of the team working on the LIBOR II trial which involved allegations of a conspiracy to manipulate the LIBOR rate in which the client was acquitted after a trial lasting nearly 4 months.

RECENT cases

International Crime and Extradition

  • Advising individuals in respect of extradition requests from the USA, India, Sweden and Malta including the first TCA request issued by Malta post-Brexit.
  • Successfully defended EAW cases from Hungary and Ukraine.
  • Regularly working with US counsel in respect of various Mutual Legal Assistance considerations.
  • Advising on INTERPOL Red Notice deletion and blocking from a range of countries including China, Cambodia and Uganda.

Criminal Defence and Police Investigations

  • Many cases involving young people and children under investigation in respect of social media related offences: malicious communications and “sexting."
  • No further action taken in case involving a young teenager investigated in respect of allegations of voyeurism and indecent images/”sexting” offences.
  • No further action taken in numerous cases involving children accused of sexual assault.
  • No further action taken in case involving a young person accused of “sexting” type offences.
  • No further action in case involving high profile sports’ individual accused of serious assault.
  • No further action in case involving an allegation of grievous bodily harm arising out of an alleged “glassing” incident in a nightclub.

Business and Financial Crime

  • Advising numerous individuals in major SFO investigations including senior executives of British and International companies.
  • Represented numerous individuals in “Cartels” investigations by the CMA and DoJ.
  • Part of the defence team in the Libor “Brokers Trial” which secured an acquittal for lead defendant.


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International Crime and Extradition

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