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We have extensive experience of INTERPOL Red Notices, guiding clients through the process of challenging these and dealing with the ramifications.

Red Notices are issued where a country seeks the location and arrest of wanted individuals with a view to their extradition. As such, an INTERPOL Red Notice can severely inhibit a person’s liberty, ability to travel and to conduct business. It can have devastating consequences for a person’s reputation and can also lead to the closure of bank accounts.

Whilst some Red Notices will be published on the INTERPOL website, often a person will be unaware that a notice has been issued. A Red Notice may lead to arrest regardless of whether there is an extradition arrangement in place between countries. Even where an extradition request has been defeated, it is likely that a Red Notice will remain live.

Red Notices can result from politically motivated criminal proceedings or can arise out of civil disputes. We regularly advise professionals who face the issue of a Red Notice in the context of hostile civil litigation and where the threat of criminal prosecution is a recognised tactic. 

No two situations are the same and hence the grounds of any approach will vary from case to case. What is certain, however, is that clients need skilled and experienced advisers to assist in achieving the best outcome.

How we can help

  • We can engage with INTERPOL either prior to a Red Notice being issued (with a view to preventing this) or following the issue of a Red Notice (to seek its removal).
  • We can advise on potential ways to challenge a Red Notice, for example where it offends INTERPOL’s own particular rules, and make submissions to INTERPOL to seek its deletion. INTERPOL’s Constitution prevents it undertaking any intervention or activities of a “political, military, religious or racial character”, whilst the Rules on the Processing of Data prevent INTERPOL from publishing a Red Notice where the offence originates from a violation of laws or regulations of an administrative nature or deriving from private disputes.
  • Where there is uncertainty about whether a Red Notice, diffusion or other notice has been issued and/or the basis on which it has been issued, we can submit an application to INTERPOL for disclosure of this information.
  • We frequently get involved in cases requiring a multi-faceted approach, engaging not only with INTERPOL itself, but also the authorities in the country responsible for issuing the Red Notice and the country in which the person is based. This can be more successful than a single agency challenge.

Our approach

Seeking the removal of or amendment to a Red Notice can be a lengthy, uncertain and time-consuming business. We have the skills and experience to develop the most effective strategy to assist clients through this difficult process.

As necessary, we work with our international network of trusted local lawyers, can negotiate with UK authorities to negate the effect of a Notice if practical, or we work with experts to mount the strongest challenge to a Red Notice against a client’s name.

We are also aware of the importance of reputational considerations and frequently work on high profile cases with our experienced reputation management colleagues to help protect clients who may be facing parallel issues, such as adverse WorldCheck entries.

Our expertise in extraditionmutual legal assistance, cross-border criminal investigations and account freezing orders means that we are ideally placed to advise individuals in relation to INTERPOL Red Notices and any impact on family members.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues mentioned above, please contact one of our Red Notice specialists directly.

Recent cases

  • Acting for senior individuals of a company where it was anticipated that Red Notices would be issued relating to a commercial dispute.
  • Acting for an individual subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice issued by Ukraine.
  • Advising a high profile/HNW individual facing political persecution in a former CIS state, in relation to extradition and INTERPOL matters.
  • Advising an individual subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice, issued by China in a politically motivated case.
  • Advising an individual, pursued by the Indian authorities and, facing a potential INTERPOL Red Notice in a politically motivated action.
  • Acting for an individual subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice issued by Russia.
  • Advising an individual in anticipation of extradition proceedings in the UK and related Interpol Red Notice and potential asylum claims, in a case that is politically motivated with serious human rights concerns.
  • Acting for an individual subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice issued by the GCC states in respect of  unfunded/bounced cheque allegations
  • Acting for an individual subject to an INTERPOL Green Notice.
  • Acting for an individual subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice from the USA relating to financial matters.


Rebecca Niblock is one of the most respected extradition defence lawyers in London – totally committed to her clients and with an incredible knowledge of the law and great sense of strategy; also a deep interest in her field of law generally, which I think really shows."

Legal 500 UK 2022

They are very good at ensuring their clients get the best service while also being very realistic with them and managing what they can expect. The team acts with finesse and finds every angle on a case." 

Chambers UK 2021

The 'very strong' team acts for individuals and corporations in cases concerning driving offences, extradition, sexual offences, fraud and matters with international elements."

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A market-leading extradition group that is certainly at the top of the tree."

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