Sophie Wood

Senior Associate (Barrister)

Criminal Litigation

Sophie is a senior associate (barrister) with a wide range of experience in providing advice and representation to both corporate and individual clients.

Her experience encompasses large-scale investigations by the SFO, multi-handed conspiracies, prosecutions brought by HM Revenue and Customs and representing clients alleged to have committed both historical and current serious sexual offences. When acting in such cases Sophie has both litigated successfully and provided a number of written advices, legal arguments and letters of representation concerning the strength of the prosecution evidence, abuse of process and disclosure.

Through her past experience of prosecuting for the CPS, Probation and Department for Work and Pensions, Sophie is able to provide unique and specialist advice to clients by understanding first-hand how such cases are brought and prosecuted. 

Sophie was called to the Bar in 2011 and practised at 2 Bedford Row before joining Kingsley Napley in February 2015.

She was awarded the Kalisher Trust Scholarship (2011) and the Jules Thorn Scholarship by Middle Temple (in both 2010 and 2009).



Professional societies and memberships

  • The Bar Association for Commerce, Finance and Industry (BACFI)
  • Young Fraud Lawyers’ Association (YFLA)
  • Cybercrime Practitioners Association.


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