Anna is an Associate in Kingsley Napley’s Criminal Litigation team. She is an experienced general criminal law practitioner who has represented clients in respect of a wide range of offences, from allegations of assault to possession of cannabis or a firearm among others. She has extensive experience, and particular interest, in dealing with vulnerable clients, whether by virtue of age, substance abuse issues, personal circumstances or mental health.

Anna represents clients from the moment of their first contact with the police, whether that is by arrest or invitation to attend an interview by appointment, all the way through to the conclusion of Crown Court trials. Her experience of dealing with matters at the police investigation stage means that on attending a police interview, she can advise a client on how best to lay down a firm foundation for their defence, should the matter progress any further. Her experience in the police custody environment enables her to deal with any matters arising at that stage of the case by making robust verbal representations to custody sergeants and inspectors alike, e.g. in respect of applications for extension of a detention time limit or objections to bail.

As a solicitor with extensive advocacy experience, Anna has an intimate understanding of the workings of the Magistrates Court, and she is in a strong position to advise clients as to both procedure and the practical considerations of appearing in court. This experience also stands her in good stead when negotiating with Prosecutors on her clients’ behalf prior to court hearings, and when instructing counsel.

Anna provides sympathetic guidance to clients who are in the troubling position of being subject to criminal proceedings, whilst at all times offering robust and practical advice as to what may be achieved and what to expect at every stage of the process.

"I just also wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to you and to John for your help in relation to this issue. Particularly to you in the sensitive way you dealt with our meeting with BTP - I really felt well looked after - which I think ensured that the right message was conveyed in a situation which was very stressful to me. I would not hesitate in recommending you and your firm to anyone I knew that needed legal advice."

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Professional societies and memberships



  • Law Friends Society's London Criminal Defence Essential Update Spring Conference, 24th May 2019 - Police Station Update for 2019, including key cases and developments with the PACE Code of Conduct


Further information

Anna provides assistance on a number of voluntary and pro bono projects including:

  • Rights of Women telephone advice line
  • Stop and Search Legal Project
  • Amicus Missouri Project


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