"He is incredibly smart, vastly experienced and very creative in spotting solutions - an extremely thoughtful and steady adviser."

Chambers & Partners, 2022

"Jonathan is hugely well respected and a great negotiator who is always able to get the best deal for clients."

Chambers & Partners, 2022

"Jonathan is a legend who doesn't really need an introduction. He is extremely confident in this field of work and knows exactly what he is doing."

Chambers & Partners, 2022

"Jonathan demonstrates a broad depth of knowledge and also has a wide and varied network which has helped support me on both a personal and corporate basis. I would highly recommend Jonathan.”

Legal 500 UK 2022

“I know Jonathan’s work mainly in the field of international criminal law, where he is also a leading figure – hugely committed to his clients, and with a deeper interest in the development of this area of law generally.”

Legal 500 UK 2022

Jonathan has been a specialist criminal law adviser to individuals, companies, and other organisations for the past twenty years. His experience over that time has given him a broad and deep understanding of all areas relating to criminal law. His expertise is recognised by the market and reflected in the directories.

His practice comprises representation in all areas of white collar and business crime including health and safety and environmental crime, as well as a wide variety of other criminal law matters with a particular emphasis on cases with an international aspect. He is also one of a small number of solicitors with experience advising on war crimes investigations and related matters. 

He provides clear strategic advice from the earliest stages - often before any formal investigation is open. He is experienced in responding to enforcement action undertaken by a range of agencies and in conducting internal investigations. He regularly works alongside colleagues at Kingsley Napley specialising in other disciplines to ensure the provision of the best possible advice in relation to all aspects of a matter – reputation management, employment, dispute resolution, corporate and commercial – or whatever the case requires.

White collar crime and business crime

Jonathan acts for individuals and organisations in a wide range of cases involving allegations of financial wrongdoing and other forms of misconduct.

He has extensive experience advising individuals and organisations at every stage of investigations. He has attended a large number of interviews of many different kinds and defended numerous prosecutions. These have included voluntary and compulsory interviews of witnesses and interviews under caution of those suspected of criminal offences. He has experience of investigations and prosecutions conducted by SFO, FCA, HMRC, CMA, NCA and the police as well as a number of foreign law enforcement agencies. He routinely co-counsels with lawyers from other jurisdictions. He has acted for defendants in numerous trials.

Jonathan is frequently appointed to act as Independent Legal Advisor (ILA) to individuals in the course of investigations by their employers or regulators. In particular he has acted for many bank and other financial services employees in relation to various investigations, including those involving Libor, Forex and CumEx.  

Jonathan regularly acts for organisations that come into contact with a range of criminal law issues. This can include advising on such things as the response to production orders or similar requests, dealing with employees accused of crime, or managing threats to the business arising from protest or other activity.

Jonathan conducts internal investigations on behalf of companies and other organisations. He understands the legal and practical challenges of such work and provides clear guidance on all aspects. He is particularly interested in the use of advances in technology in providing cost and other benefits. He recognises the importance of ensuring that investigations are well structured and focussed and that they report on time and within budget.

Proceeds of Crime (money laundering) and Sanctions advice

Jonathan has particular expertise in the area of proceeds of crime (money laundering). He advises on a range of issues including the making of suspicious activity reports (SARs). Clients include legal and other regulated professional individuals and organisations. Recent advice has included consideration of investments in crypto assets. Jonathan also advises on the impact of sanctions designations in a range of different contexts. Jonathan is the Kingsley Napley’s Money Laundering Nominated Officer (MLNO).

He regularly advises individuals and organisations on law enforcement applications that seek to freeze or seize assets, including Account Freezing Orders, Restraint Orders, and other applications made under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and has been involved in some of the highest value such cases.

Health and Safety and Corporate Manslaughter

Jonathan represents companies and individuals during the initial police and Health and Safety Executive investigation, through to the conclusion of cases at inquests or in the criminal courts. He has acted in cases investigated by the Environment Agency, Fire and Rescue Authorities, the Marine and Coastguard Agency, the Civil Aviation Authority and Air Accident Investigation Branch.

Cross border matters and international crime

Many of Jonathan’s cases have a cross border element. These include investigations conducted in multiple jurisdictions, the use of mutual legal assistance and other forms of international co-operation, as well as extradition and INTERPOL Notices. 

In addition Jonathan provides advice and representation in respect of war crimes and related allegations, including universal jurisdiction matters - allegations which can be investigated and prosecuted in the UK even if neither the alleged offence nor those involved have any connection with the UK. He is past Co-Chair and Advisory Board Member of the IBA War Crimes Committee.

Jonathan joined Kingsley Napley in 2002 and became a partner in 2010.

Notable cases

White collar and business crime - Individuals

  • Advising in-house lawyer in CMA matter
  • Providing money laundering advice to investors in cryptocurrency
  • Advising lawyer in relation to HMRC investigation
  • Representation of individual in CumEx related investigation
  • Advising CFO in relation to HMRC investigation
  • Representing in-house accountant in FCA prosecution relating to financial irregularities in publicly listed company
  • Representation of solicitor in money laundering investigation
  • Representing employee of construction firm in CMA investigation
  • Representing finance director in SFO investigation into government contracts
  • Representation of individuals in NCA cash seizure and Account Freezing Order matters
  • Representing former MD of oil company in relation to Brazilian corruption investigation
  • Representation of foreign politician in NCA corruption investigation
  • Representation of employee of company in compelled interview conducted by the SFO
  • Representation of bank employee in overseas investigation into market manipulation
  • Representation of bank employee in HMRC investigation of historic film scheme
  • Representation of in-house lawyer in SFO corruption investigation
  • Representation of bank employees in compelled interviews conducted by the SFO
  • Representation of employee in SFO compelled interview (using POCA powers)
  • Representation of judge in offences against public justice matter
  • Representation of fund managers in compelled interviews conducted by the FCA
  • Representation of multiple bank employees in FX investigation
  • Representation of bank employee in Mutual Legal Assistance request from overseas jurisdiction
  • Representation of employee of insurance company in investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

White collar and business crime – Organisations

  • Advising insolvency practice on its AML obligations
  • Advising company on its response to direct action protests
  • Advising law firm in relation to data breach allegations including conducting an internal investigation
  • Advising law firm in its response to an Account Freezing Order
  • Advising international charity and conducting internal investigation in relation to misconduct allegations including conducting an international investigation covering multiple jurisdictions
  • Advising company wishing to deal with frozen asset
  • Advising auction company in relation to AML and POCA matters
  • Representation of newspaper in relation to criminal allegation including conducting an internal investigation
  • Advising a company on its AML and other reporting obligations upon discovery of suspected employee wrongdoing
  • Advising businesses and individuals on their reporting and other obligations under UK AML law

Health and Safety and other Regulators

  • Representation of waste business on alleged permitting breaches
  • Representation of prison officer in police investigation following prison death
  • Representation of international construction vehicle manufacturing company following serious accident
  • Representation of business owner in large Trading Standards prosecution (including successful challenge to the imposition of a restraint order)
  • Representation of farmer in animal welfare case
  • Representation of international engineering company following accident in which four people died
  • Representation of numerous employees in various HSE investigations into fatal and non-fatal accidents
  • Representing the “Responsible Person” (under fire regulations) following large fire in retail premises
  • Representation of Chairman and FD of recycling company facing allegations of breaches of environmental law (includes financial restraint proceedings)
  • Representing owner of a hotel in investigation into alleged breaches of fire safety regulations following a fire

International Criminal Law

  • Representation of Colonel Kumar Lama, a Colonel in the Nepalese army on charges of torture, following his arrest in the UK
  • Advising various individuals on risk of prosecution in UK for war crimes and related allegations


  • Representation of numerous individuals facing general criminal allegations including sexual offences and violence (including murder)
  • Advising individual facing allegations of humanitarian people smuggling
  • Advising a school in relation to allegations made against head master
  • Representation of soldiers facing allegations arising from various historic fatal incidents


What Clients and directories say

He's thoughtful, very versatile and a pleasure to work with."

Chambers and Partners, 2022 

Jonathan Grimes is cerebral and hardworking.”

Legal 500 UK 2022

Grimes is a brilliant lawyer - he has very good international expertise."

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2021

I think his client manner is excellent, and he is extremely bright and able. He is completely dedicated to his clients. He provides the full package in terms of service."

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2021

He looks at the bigger picture and is very analytical - He's really sharp and thoughtful."

Chambers UK 2021

Jonathan Grimes gives very thoughtful, clear advice and is equally at ease dealing with the directors of an international business as with individual employees. I was especially impressed by his ability to cut through complicated expert evidence to identify the key strengths and weaknesses. He is excellent with clients and has a touch of steel."

Legal 500 UK 2021

Jonathan Grimes is meticulous, emotionally intelligent, with exceptional client skills, and is a first-rate academic lawyer."

Legal 500 UK 2021

He's got a lot of knowledge in the POCA area. He's analytical and is a skilful, talented lawyer."

Chambers UK 2021

"He's one of the leading luminaries in fraud and POCA; he is able to get results without the pain of litigation."

Chambers UK 2021

He's very experienced. He's also a very confident and inspiring person - when things are difficult, he's calm and reassuring." "I was especially impressed by his ability to cut through complicated evidence to identify the key strengths and weaknesses of our position."

Chambers UK 2021

He has a good ability to think through legal issues in a broad and international way. He doesn't go for the most obvious and domestic point, he looks at the bigger picture and he is very analytical."

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2020

He has knowledge not just of UK domestic law but also treaties and conventions abroad which makes him unique in his solutions."

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2020

He is an all round adviser with second to none technical knowledge, but also a very gracious and caring human being who provides practical advice to his clients."

Chambers UK 2020 – A Client’s Guide to the UK Legal Profession

Jonathan Grimes careful and passionate attention to his clients has made him, slowly but surely, one of the most admired operators in the field. His particular interest in international crime has inspired a huge growth in this area of work within the firm. This requires an usually keen legal mind and a great deal of patience: he has both, and in large measure."

Legal 500 UK 2020

Jonathan Grimes is utterly exceptional."

Legal 500 UK 2020

He's very pragmatic and down to earth, but he also has a good grasp of the technical issues that you need to have when dealing with the criminal side of health and safety."

Chambers UK 2020 – A Client’s Guide to the UK Legal Profession

Is tenacious while at the same time being pragmatic and highly knowledgeable."

Legal 500 UK 2020

He is a determined solicitor who doggedly fights his client's corner."

Chambers UK 2020 – A Client’s Guide to the UK Legal Profession

A very talented lawyer. He's excellent, a well prepared, thoughtful and sophisticated lawyer."

Chambers UK 2020 - A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

A very cerebral mind, he continues to impress market sources with his exceptional work on high-profile white-collar investigations."

Who's Who Legal: Investigations, 2020

He's fantastic; he's an incredibly smart, very measured and thoughtful lawyer. He zeroes in on the critical part of a case immediately and doesn't get distracted by side issues."

Chambers and Partners, 2019

Receives praise for his 'great attention to detail and extremely savvy approach'; he regularly acts for clients in police and HSE investigations, inquests and in the criminal courts."

Legal 500 UK 2019

Internationally recognised as a leading name in the field of corporate investigations, and focuses his impressive practice on financial and white-collar crime matters."

Who's Who Legal, Investigations 2018

The "very impressive" Jonathan Grimes of Kingsley Napley LLP is a criminal lawyer with extensive experience representing clients under investigation and facing prosecution by a number of regulatory authorities with regard to serious and fatal incidents."

Chambers and Partners, 2018

Receives widespread plaudits from peers who praise his expert handling of investigations from a range of regulatory bodies including the SFO, HMRC and FCA."

Who's Who Legal: Business Crime Defence 2018

Jonathan is a diligent and careful lawyer."

Chambers UK, 2018

He fights hard for clients and leaves no stone unturned."

Chambers and Partners, 2018

Realistic, determined, sharp, likeable and accurate."

Legal 500 UK 2018

A sound knowledge’ of health and safety matters, including corporate manslaughter."

Legal 500, 2017

The “terrific” Jonathan Grimes is well known for his strong expertise handling investigations of authorities from the SFO to the FCA and HMRC""

Who's Who Legal, Business Crime Defence 2017

An "extensive knowledge of POCA," and is "a delight to work with." ​"

Chambers UK, 2017

Incredibly committed." "You would feel very reassured if you were a client and Jonathan was supervising."

Chambers and Partners, 2017

...Determined and very hard-working" Jonathan Grimes has experience in universal jurisdiction disputes. Commentators report: "He is fiercely intelligent, and has a concise thought process and impressive knowledge of the law..."  

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2016

The "excellent" Jonathan Grimes continues to be a "formidable" figure in the proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture space...'"

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2016

Jonathan Grimes has much experience in acting for major corporate clients in relation to accidental death cases. Clients say he provides "first-class, tactical advice." 

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2015

...'Sensational' on matters relating to financial services crime and receives widespread praise for his 'impressive depth of expertise' and 'international mindset'."

Who's Who Legal, Business Crime Defence 2015

Jonathan Grimes is "formidably skilful and effective." 

Who's Who Legal, Investigations, 2015

...Brings a level of gravitas to cases...’'      

   Legal 500 UK, 2015

Is held in high esteem by peers, and represents clients in high-profile criminal matters."

Chambers UK, A Clients Guide to the UK Legal Profession, 2014

Jonathan Grimes is widely admired as a 'feisty, sensible, careful and effective solicitor'. Clients include leading companies in the construction sector.”

Legal 500 UK, 2014


Professional societies and memberships


Publications, PRess Highlights & Speaking Engagements


Related Services

Bribery and Corruption

We have a long track record of defending corruption investigations for individuals. Our expert lawyers can also advise on internal investigations.

Health, Safety and Environment

The stakes have never been higher for individuals and companies involved in such cases. We provide clear advice on what can be a complex process.

Crimes of Universal Jurisdiction

Travel to the UK can occasionally bring about unexpected consequences. There are a range of criminal charges that can be faced by non UK nationals even though the alleged criminal acts may have occurred abroad and may not involve the UK in any way.

Dawn Raids, Search and Seizure

When subject to a “Dawn Raid”, search and seizure operation and search order you require timely advice. Our specialist lawyers can provide the assistance you require.

Dealing with an Investigation

Under investigation? We ensure you have the specialist, strategic advice to help you manage.

Financial Services Investigations

We provide intelligent and tactical representation to those involved in an investigation by defending accusations and mitigating risks.

Serious Fraud

Defending complex white collar cases successfully is what we are known for. The firm has the largest team of specialist criminal lawyers in the UK.


Our team has an established record of representing families, organisations, other interested persons and witnesses at inquests.

Internal Investigations

Corporate clients require sophisticated and sensitive advice when they encounter internal crises which have the potential to escalate.

Insider Dealing

We have extensive experience in representing individuals who have become embroiled in insider dealing investigations.

International Crime and Extradition

Criminal law is increasingly an international concept with cross-border implications. Knowing your rights and options is essential.

Money Laundering

The UK’s anti-money laundering (AML) regime is amongst the most stringent. We represent both individuals and organisations in AML matters.

Mutual Legal Assistance

Robustly defending requests from foreign jurisdictions is not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced. Our lawyers are recognised leaders in the field.

Police Station Representation and Advice

Our team includes specialist police station advisers. We are proactive in achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering

Recent years have seen considerable growth in this practice area, following the introduction of new measures designed to tackle illicit finance and the increased attention of enforcement agencies.

Account Freezing and Forfeiture Orders, and Cash Seizure

Tackling illicit finance and the proceeds of crime is a government priority and law enforcement focus.

AML Compliance

Ensuring that the UK financial system is an increasingly hostile environment for illicit finances is a key government priority.

Restraint Orders, Confiscation and Third Party Rights

We advise individuals and corporates in relation to restraint orders and third party applications in respect of property caught by restraint orders.

Unexplained Wealth Orders

UWOs are used by law enforcement agencies to require an individual to prove that a particular asset was obtained through legitimate means.

Extending Moratorium Periods

Another feature of the Proceeds of Crime Act that can have the unwelcome effect of freezing property is the 'moratorium period'

FCA Investigations

Our team of expert lawyers has an impressive track record of successfully defending both individuals and institutions facing regulatory misconduct, disciplinary breach and criminal investigations conducted by the FCA.

Cum-Ex Investigations

‘Cum-Ex’ is the description given to a method of trading certain types of shares around the dividend record date which allows more than one participant to claim a tax rebate in respect of the same dividend payment.

International Protection

Our International Protection group offers comprehensive multijurisdictional advice from our specialist immigration, criminal and public law teams.

Political Affairs

Our international work includes dealing with the suite of issues that may arise from politically motivated persecutions.

Built Environment

Our dedicated team of built environment lawyers provide a full range of legal services and specialist advice to individuals and businesses with an interest in the built environment sector.

Insight from Jonathan

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Cross-Border Criminal Law Conference 2022: Individual and Corporate Accountability for International Crimes

KN's Cross Border Criminal Law Conference on 5 May 2022 | Panel Discussion: 20 years since the Pinochet case – the current state of universal jurisdiction in the UK

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R v Wood Treatment Limited - corporate manslaughter and the challenge of proving causation

Arrests of care home workers following COVID-19 outbreaks: a review of criminal liability

Sentencing environmental offences: Reflections on the Thames Water £2.3m fine

Thames Water fined for “entirely foreseeable” pollution

National Grid fined £4 million for incomplete records

Swift condemnation of Labour’s jury proposal is unwarranted - Jonathan Grimes writes for The Law Society Gazette

Account freezing and forfeiture powers widely used by law enforcement agencies

Crown Censure for the MoD after health and safety failings

NCA’s Annual Report 2019-20: a focus on recovering the proceeds of crime and asset denial

City of London Police seize more than £2 million in cross-border money laundering operation

Recycling firm charged with corporate manslaughter

End of the road for the NCA in NCA v Baker

Unexplained Wealth Orders: An overview of the regime to date

COVID-19: Can you be prosecuted for opening your shop?

Returning to work and COVID-19: Could employers face health and safety prosecutions for infections in the workplace?

Suspicious Activity Report guidance updated in light of anticipated COVID-19 related crime

A change of direction in director disqualification for breaches of competition law?

Torture charges dismissed against Agnes Reeves Taylor

Overhaul of SARS regime to be welcomed

SRA AML audits: be prepared

Health and Safety Sentencing – Three years on and now for the bad news…

SRA to undertake AML audits as enforcers keep focus on “professional enablers”

Fighting financial crime post Brexit: what next?

No deal Brexit and financial crime: proposed regulations published

Working in partnership: a new public/private approach to tackle economic crime

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New sentencing regime for gross negligence manslaughter now in force

Tougher sentences to come for Gross Negligence Manslaughter

Why the International Criminal Court should be supported

Beyond #Brexit: new anti-money laundering regime agreed

Extradition: The Divisional Court has refused to extradite alleged génocidaires to Rwanda--will a domestic prosecution follow?

International Criminal Law – A month in review – July 2017

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002: consultation on revised codes of practice

PEPs and anti-money laundering: The FCA issues guidance

EU Anti-Money Laundering rules: tackling risky business and reckless conduct

Anti-Money Laundering: new rules and regulations in play

Genocide – Whether there exists an obligation in the UK to extradite or prosecute in such cases

Health and Safety Sentencing a year on from the new guidelines – What’s changed?

“School’s out for summer …” The Supreme Court rules on the meaning of ‘regular attendance’ in the term-time holiday case

GEO Group UK Ltd and Nestore Primecare Services Ltd face unlimited fines after CPS decision to institute health and safety prosecution

Arrow Recycling fined in Health and Safety Executive prosecution for cardboard crushing

Court Orders South African Government to Revoke ICC Withdrawal Notice

African Union encourages African nations to revoke jurisdiction of International Criminal Court

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